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About Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the energy database that exists in the spiritual dimension of the Earth. It is called the Fifth Dimension or the realm of the Soul. The Akashic Records contain information about every soul that has ever incarnated on Earth and about all other processes happening in the world.

Who can tap into them?

A person who has psychic abilities and keen interest can tap into the Akashic Records.

I learned Akashic Records reading through an online course. For me, learning was easy, probably because I had more than 20 years of experience in energy and psychic work.

Why would one want to tap into them?

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About clearing on the Akashic Records level

I would like to answer some common questions I receive regarding Personal Energy Clearing service I provide.

"Are you going to do Akashic Records reading and clearing too?"

Yes, I open Akashic Records to receive the information about the contamination of your energy system. I do not do extensive reading. Also, I do clearing on the Akashic Records level. I share only 1/2 page of information with you.

"What happens during Akashic Records reading and clearing?" 

Reading helps to uncover negativities, blockages and limitations on the Soul and personality levels. After the reading is completed, the reader requests Akashic Records guides to clear all these negativities to the extent it is possible at that time.

This is an amazing part of the Akashic Records reading work because clearing creates a shift of energies, new paths open up for the client, and his/her level of consciousness increases.

At the same time, we need to create a significantly new experience by making new choices in our life. Otherwise, we will keep getting the same results.

So, creating a new experience in the sphere of physical health is a process and it takes time.

“Do my aches disappear forever after the clearing is done on the Akashic Records level?”

No, they do not.

Every person has some physical karma of the body. Unless we are karmically entitled to a complete 100% healing, pains and aches will not disappear miraculously overnight after the clearing. We have to make efforts on the physical and energy levels to complete the healing process.

"After how long I can expect results after treatment? I have gone through so many people but nothing is changed since last 2 years..."

The results vary from person to person. They depend on the karmic entitlement of the person. Clearing is like a fertiliser, it will fertilise the karmic seeds of abundance and success, provided they are there. If there is none, nothing much will happen.

The fastest way out of a blocked situation is by using the Law of Karma: do unto others what you want others to do to you and do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you. Return your debts, deal fairly with other people, forgive your “enemies”, extend help to others, do not cheat or steal, do not be cruel to people/animals/nature. This brings good luck and new opportunities.

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About the 9 Rays of the Soul


This system is based on the esoteric doctrine of 7 Rays of the Soul. After many years of pondering over this system, I had to modify it to adapt to my logical understanding. So, I formulated my own system of reference – the 9 Rays of the Soul.

The Rays are the energies that emanate from the Creator and sweep through the Universe in nine great ‘vertical’ streams (i.e. over all planes of existence).

These nine types of energy produce the nine types of Souls. Or, in other words, a Soul is born through a certain 'energy centre' of the Creator.

The Ray of the Soul remains constant from incarnation to incarnation.

The Soul decides on the Rays of its vehicles (mental, emotional and physical body) for each incarnation.

The Ray of the Mental Body determines the quality of thought. The Ray of the Emotional Body defines the types of the emotional response.

A personality is a combination of Rays. 

In Akashic Records reading we look at the Rays the Soul and the personality type.

There are no 'good' Rays and 'bad' Rays. The long-term agenda of the Soul is the mastery of the qualities of all the Rays in their highest manifestation.

An Overview of the Rays

  • Ray 1 – A Founder. Leadership, entrepreneurship, will power.

  • Ray 2 – Divine Love-Wisdom. Shadow leaders. Adapt ideas to the immediate needs of the people.

  • Ray 3 – Divine Knowledge and Understanding. An abstract mind. Truth is very important to them.

  • Ray 4 – The concrete mind. Ray 4 people are capable of translating abstract ideas into concrete knowledge through written or verbal expression.

  • Ray 5 – Human Love. Harmony in human relationship. Sensitivity. Giving nature.

  • Ray 6 – Stabilisation, Discipline and Order. They have the ability to manifest unity in diversity, to build order in the apparent chaos.

  • Ray 7 – Creation on the physical plane of existence. Skills to create something. Application of technology.

  • Ray 8 – Instinctive Love, Basic Care. They are nurturing and supporting. They love to be there for others.

  • Ray 9 – Stable, grounding, practical. They love nature, animals and the Earth.

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Planetary Healing EnergyPlanetary Healing Energy

Planetary Healing Energy

White light is the basic life energy and it is called planetary energy. It sustains all life forms on this planet.

White light is considered to be the Universal and most powerful healing agent.

The physicists say that white light is made up of all three coloured energies in proper balance - green, blue and red.

In energy healing, we use coloured energies to serve specific purposes:

  • Red vital energy
  • Green energy
  • Aqua energy
  • White-blue
  • Ordinary Violet energy
  • Gentle Soft Pink Energy

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How to repair holes in the aura?How to repair holes in the aura?

How to repair holes in the aura?

(This is my article originally written in Russian.) 

This question has intrigued many people, including the materialistic skeptics, probably because deep down, at the most elemental level of our core self, everyone can sense and comprehend the importance of retaining and sustaining the wellbeing of their energy fields.

What are these holes in the aura?

Let’s talk about the aura first.

Our physical body has an etheric double, which permeates and extends 1-2 cm beyond the physical body. The etheric double is the template for the physical body: it has all the organs of the physical body in the energy form, it also has meridians (subtle energy channels) and chakras (energy centres).

Life energy flows through the etheric double. This life energy is a sort of subtle electrical current that animates the physical body and carries out the physiological processes. The etheric double is fundamental to its physical counterpart. Consequently, all defects and disorders in the etheric double manifest themselves as defects and disorders in the physical body - immediately or with a delay.

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Application of Energy Healing in Psychological ConditionsApplication of Energy Healing in Psychological Conditions

Application of Energy Healing in Psychological Conditions

Energy healing can be used as a supplementary form of therapy in some emotional and psychological conditions.

Pranatherapy is effective in conditions such as tension, irritability, anxiety, grief and stress. It is also helpful in non-clinical depressions, traumas and phobias. 

Some healers may specialise in more complicated conditions such as addictions (smoking, alcoholism, etc.).

Energy healing is based on the principle that we have subtle bodies, besides the physical body, and they can also get sick.

The grossest one is the Etheric Double of the physical body. There are also other vehicles of consciousness beyond the Etheric Double.

The Etheric Double is a replica of the physical body. Besides the energy organs, it also has chakras (the energy centres) and a complex network of energy channels. 

Each chakra is related to specific psychological functions. The chakras directly affect our psychological state. 

The opposite is also true: our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions affect our chakras. 

The Etheric Double and the higher subtle bodies have auras. Together they constitute the Human Energy Field or HEF. The HEF is protected by a Golden Web. 

The Golden Web may have tears and holes. Tears and holes compromise our natural energy defence and open our energy field to the entry of various energy parasites, earthbound spirits, negative energies and malicious attachments. 

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About Energy HealingAbout Energy Healing

About Energy Healing

(Image - Etheric Body.

What is Healing?

Healing is an ancient art that has been practised in all world cultures from time immemorial. There is no monopoly over energy healing. It is known under different names, but its essence is the same because all these systems are based on the Laws of Nature.

There are several distinctive types of energy healing:

  1. Touch healing (laying of hands).
  2. Non-touch bio-energy healing (working directly on the etheric body).
  3. Non-touch bio-energy healing - remote.
  4. Mental healing (telepathic or psychic healing).
  5. Shamanic healing (invoking the healing help of the Spirit World).
  6. Divine healing (invoking the healing help of the Creator).

But it's not all! The following methods are also energy healing:

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Spiritual Services

A Brief Soul Profile - a Written Report

This service is provided by Yulia Pal

Service Description

A written report will include the following:

  • Type of your Soul.
  • Ray of your Soul and the description of the Ray.
  • Your personality type.
  • Star origination of the Soul and the description of the star group.
  • The level of consciousness.
  • The number of spiritual guides.
  • How this Soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records.

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Akashic Records - Soul Profile Reading and Clearing

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

Akashic Records work constitutes an intuitive reading of your Soul Profile and clearing work. 

It is a form of healing work that is done on a very high level.

You will learn 

  • The Soul type.
  • Your level of consciousness.
  • The Ray of your Soul and the overall personality type. This determines your Soul Gifts - things that come naturally to you. They are the seeds of your abundance in your life.
  • Your Soul Group of Origination and how does it affect your character and behavior.
  • Soul Specialisation.
  • How this Soul is known and loved in Akashic Records.
  • The main life lesson / theme at present.

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Akashic Records Reading for Marriage Compatibility

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

Marriage is one of the most important events in a person's life because it is supposed to last a lifetime.

Akashic Records reading allows us to uncover serious problems with a prospective partner that may be hidden from a normal view and understanding. In this reading, we will determine the most important soul characteristics:

  • the polarisation of the Soul (i.e. whether the Soul is positive or negative),
  • whether it is a mono-soul individual,
  • whether there are any negative ancestral karma, curses, etc.

For example, negative-soul individuals may not look like negative people, they may be successful, attractive and intelligent. Their negativity is hidden deep within. However, such individuals tend to create chaos and disruption in their environment and steal people's energy. Normally, such people are beyond 'rectification'. 

Negative ancestral karma normally manifests as genetic disorders that may negatively affect the offspring. 

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Akashic Records Reading for Relationships

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

In this reading, you will receive information from the Soul Profile of you and your partner:

  • type of the Soul
  • the level of consciousness,
  • Soul gifts,
  • percentage of expression of certain qualities that are important for a harmonious relationship.

You will discover how many lifetimes you shared together, if any.

You will also discover the blocks and restrictions of each partner.

You will get the answers to questions concerning your relationship, e.g.

- whether this relationship is aligned to both souls' highest path and purpose;

- what your soul-level agreements are, if any;

- your personal questions about the current status of the relationship.

After the reading, I will clear the uncovered blocks and restrictions - to the extent it is possible at the time.

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Aura Reading

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

I use energy sensing, clairvoyance, intuition, and access to the Akashic Records to receive information about the condition of your energy body.

I will scan your aura, chakras, and the energy condition of the major internal organs.

I will submit the short report in writing.

The report will include my general observations regarding the strength and the health of your aura and the energy body.

The report will include a brief description of the condition of the following:

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Brief Akashic Records Reading for Relationships

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

In this reading, I will answer one question about the relationship. E.g. "Why did my mother behave this way with me?", "What was the nature of the troubled relationship between me and my ex, from a spiritual point of view?", "Should I try to resurrect the relationship?"

I will check the soul profile and some other parameters for you and the other person. I will write a minimum half-page description of this relationship. 

At the end of the reading, I will do a short clearing.


Akashic Records reading is delivered in writing. I will need 2-3 days to complete the reading.

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Candle Cleansing (Remote Session)

This process allows to cleanse the entire aura of heavily, low-vibrational, dark energies.

It is useful when:

- You feel energetically contaminated with "dirty" energies

- You feel you have been subjected to an "evil eye" attack.

I use self-made candles and my own aura cleansing procedure.

Fee: Rs. 2000 per session.

Duration of the session: about 30 min.

Contact: Yulia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Energy Healing by Ajay Pal

Ajay Offers

  • Pranic healing.
  • Energy healing support in physical ailments.
  • Energy healing support in psychological conditions.
  • Distant energy healing support for patients in ICU.
  • Entity clearing.
  • Relationship healing.
  • Preventive energy healing, chakras and aura balancing.
  • Energy healing for animals.
  • Individualised Kriyashakti (energy help in manifesting events in one's life)
  • Energy cosmetic procedures (scar improvement, skin rejuvenation, energy acne treatment, energy facials, etc.)
  • Energy blocks removal for relationships, prosperity, careers, studies, for better focus, clarity, thought processes, etc.) Removal of obstacles in life.

Block Removal

I do manifestation blocks removal. It is intensive and if helped by person getting healed in terms of wholesome character development, it is permanent. Else it will need healing every 4 months or so. Fee USD 90/ removal session.

Individualised Kriyashakti

Everyone has an inherent ability to manifest one's wholesome dreams and desires but everyone is unable to do so all the time. Why? This is because one's energy system prevents one to empower one's wholesome dreams and desires. This is a technique in which I share simple, individualised method/s for one to practise in order to overcome the shortcomings of one's energy system allowing the person to achieve the desired results. Fee: USD 300/-. 50% advance and balance midway.

Relationship Healing

Often, in a relationship, a person/s involved are propelled by certain characteristics that are detrimental for a relationship to flourish. This is because certain energies are dominating in them forcing them to act in an unwanted way. Correcting these brings a change in the attitude leading gradually to a change in the relationship. This is a process and may need several healing sessions to begin to manifest and consolidate. Fee: USD 50 /session.

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Energy Healing by Yulia Pal


I am a psychic and an energy healer. You can find more information about me on this page

Energy Healing Methods I use

I am a Lightworker. Whatever I do is fully aligned to Light. 

I practice my own healing system which I call Pranatherapy. It combines the techniques of bio-energy healing, spiritual healing, psychic healing, entity removal, Project Sanctuary work, and pranic healing.

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House / Property Energy Clearing

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

Akashic Records Reading for a Property

I access Akashic Records to receive information about it.  (A hand-drawn floor plan is optional.)

How to Book a Session

Akashic Records reading will help discover the energy profile of the house (property):

  • Compatibility of the house / property with its occupants.
  • The energetic character of the property.
  • A presence of the Sick Building Syndrom, if any.
  • How many Guardian Angels the house has.
  • Any dark influences.
  • Negative imprints and negative programs.
  • Historical land usage that is not suitable for residential purposes.
  • Negative astral interference (portals, gateways, etc.)
  • Entity attachment.
  • Human spirits attachment.
  • A presence of negative objects.
  • Geopathogenic stress.
  • Yin and yang balance.
  • Electromagnetic radiation, etc.

Property Visit (Additional Service)

Property visit is possible for New Delhi only. Additional charges will apply.

I will go through the house. I will detect and clear negative energies and negative entities. I will give you suggestions on how to improve the energy health of the house.

Time requirement: around 2 hours for a standard 2-BHK apartment.

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Learn About Your Personal Team of Spirit Guides


This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

If you’re interested in working more closely with your Spiritual Guides, I can offer you a reading where we dive into who they are, and what messages they have for you.

It is a form of Akashic Records reading work.

You will learn 

  • How many guides you have in the Inner Circle (Normally, each person has 4 to 7 guides).

    For each guide:

  • Their apparent gender
  • Appearance
  • Name (if possible)
  • Level of Consciousness
  • Star system of origination
  • Ray of the Soul and the qualities of the guide’s Soul
  • Their role on your team
  • How many incarnations together
  • How they can contact you to send you messages
  • A message from your guide.

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Personal Energy Clearing

This is a distance session. 

The session consists of two parts

1. Day 1 - Psychic clearing of negativities. You will receive a brief (a half-page) written report on the status of your energy field.

2. Day 2 - A bioenergy aura clearing and realignment.

In my experience, this combination gives the best results. After clearing the negatives, the energy body is left damaged, hence a bioenergy healing session is needed in order to cleanse, heal, energize, realign and protect the aura for a faster normalization.

Clearing and realignment sessions are done normally over two days.

What Gets Cleared?

The purpose of clearing is 

- to remove negatives from the energy field and

- to clear blocks and restrictions from the Incarnated Soul to the extent it is possible at the point of time.

I focus on clearing some of the following negativities that may be affecting your energy system:

  • Specific negative energies, negative thoughts or emotions.
  • Specific traumatic energies lodged in the subtle bodies.
  • Attached human spirits.
  • Parasitic entities.
  • Specific negative cords and attachments.
  • Evil eye energies. 
  • Specific negative programs blocking your flow of abundance, good health, and harmonious relationships.

This is a gentle and safe technique. I access Akashic Records of the Soul and then I work with the energies of Light to create a positive shift in energies.

After the clearing, the Incarnated Soul is realigned to the Divine Light, Love and Power.

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Pre-Employment Psychic Scanning

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Psychic scanning allows to quickly short-list suitable candidates for a job vacancy out of MANY applicants.

Psychic scanning helps choose people who are energetically right for the company. Though this energetic rightness is based on many factors, there is no need to go into details at the first stage of pre-employment screening.

I will match the sum total of the qualities of the candidate (e.g. integrity and professional skills) against the energy profile of the company.

Psychic scanning is accurate and keeps proving right every time.


Will depend upon the task.

How to Book the Service

Please send me a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will revert within 24 hours.


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Psychic Reading

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Psychic Reading and Analysis

A psychic reading helps us to analyze possible ways of development of a situation.

During a psychic reading session, I connect to the Universal Mind to receive information. 

We all have our spiritual support teams. They are always ready to help us with wise advice - if we ask them for help. They will not interfere with our choices because of the Law of Free Will. The Soul wants the Personality to make its own choices in order to learn and grow spiritually. The reading will be just recommendations, there will be no 'shoulds'.

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Reading About Departed Souls

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Some people request a reading about their loved ones who have passed away, to get answers to the questions that have been left unanswered.

A typical reading may include:

1. The answers to your questions regarding the departed soul or the situation connected to that person.

2. How this soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records.

3. A message from the person (departed soul) (if possible).

4. A message from the person's Higher Self or his/her Spirit Guides (if possible).

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Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading

This service is provided by Yulia Pal. It is an add-on to Soul Profile Reading and Clearing.

The Manifesting Blueprint

The reader will access your Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint, which is contained in your 7th-dimensional aspect.

This reading will help you understand:

  • how you are divinely 'configured' to create,
  • which of your current actions are out of alignment.

Uncover Blockages on the Personality Level

The process of successful manifestation of your intentions in the physical reality has at least six factors.

If your current actions do not bring the desired result, you need to find out where you have blocked the process of manifestation.

Session format

I need 4-6 days to prepare the Blueprint. We will then have a 30-60 min session, in person or over the phone, to discuss several different ways that your Soul is designed to manifest. Will discuss the blockages on the Soul and personality levels.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

You will get your Blueprint description in a soft-copy format. 


Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading

  • India - INR 5000.
  • Overseas (full form) USD 100.

PayPal is accepted.

How to Book a Session

Not everyone’s Akashic Records can be accessed, so please send me a request before booking a session with the following information:

  • the full name of the person (the present name and the name at birth),
  • the place of birth
  • the date of birth
  • the current place of residence.

This information is kept in confidentiality, and it will be deleted after the Akashic Records services have been provided.

Request form:

I will revert with confirmation within 24 hours. The seats are limited in a month.

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Video on Energy Healing

Energy clearing for the lungs

This is a video recording of a practice session during the second day of Pranatherapy Level 1 Workshop that was conducted by the Karuna Wellness Centre, New Delhi, in January 2014. The student performing healing is Divya Sudan, a fresher, with no prior healing experience.

Energy clearing for the lungs

In this video, the healer is Amit Sharma. 

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