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About Energy Healing

(Image - Etheric Body.

What is Healing?

Healing is an ancient art that has been practised in all world cultures from time immemorial. There is no monopoly over energy healing. It is known under different names, but its essence is the same because all these systems are based on the Laws of Nature.

There are several distinctive types of energy healing:

  1. Touch healing (laying of hands).
  2. Non-touch bio-energy healing (working directly on the etheric body).
  3. Non-touch bio-energy healing - remote.
  4. Mental healing (telepathic or psychic healing).
  5. Shamanic healing (invoking the healing help of the Spirit World).
  6. Divine healing (invoking the healing help of the Creator).

But it's not all! The following methods are also energy healing:

  1. Metaphor therapy (metaphors are the bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious).
  2. Healing through a verbal instruction (spells, hypnosis, talking to the subconscious mind).
  3. Breathwork (moving energy through the energy channels with the help of breath).
  4. Bodywork (moving energy through the energy channels with the help of movement).
  5. Meridian therapies, other (acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, EFT, EmoTrance).
  6. Vibratory remedies (flower essences).
  7. Vibratory remedies, other: colour, sound, mantra therapies, etc.
  8. Crystal healing (laying on crystals)

A contaminated aura and a healthy aura

Almost all healing systems are based on five universal principles – 1) clearing negative entities and negative energies from the affected area (and/or the whole body), 2) healing (repairing) the damaged area, 3) realignment of the system, 4) charging it with Life Force and 5) energy protection.

Clearing can be accomplished through releasing, dissolving, transmuting, removing or disintegrating negativities. Transference of Life Force to the affected area can be done with the help of the hands or telepathically. The process of clearing and energising affects healing of the subtle body and accelerates the rate of self-healing of the physical body.

Actual healing or repair of damaged subtle tissues is accomplished with the help of the Higher Beings of Light, who specialise in the healing work. Thus, a healer needs to have an ability to connect and consciously work with the healing angels and healing spirit guides and to access at will higher levels of consciousness.

Charging with life force is another important step of a healing process. Life force serves as a catalytic agent to stimulate the rate of self-healing of the body.

Life Force is all over us – we live in an ocean of energy. It is known as ‘Prana’ is Sanskrit, 'Ki' in Japanese, 'Chi' in Chinese, 'Zhi-va' in the Russian language. The amazing part is that it is relatively easy for everyone to learn how to feel it with the hands, and even see the energy fields with the physical eyes. You do not need to be a psychic to start sensing subtle energies right now - you just need an open-minded, an easy-going attitude and a curiosity of a child (which you surely have, since you are reading this article:-) )

Energy healing works on the subtle bodies of the patient. Today there are many books written on this topic; there are many different classifications of the subtle bodies. However, we prefer to use the terminology and classification established by the Theosophical Society. The authors of the Theosophical Society conducted a painstaking psychic research in the 'hidden nature of things'. Their books were written more than 100 years ago, yet the knowledge they contain is still very relevant today.

The Theosophical Society distinguishes 3 lower subtle bodies that are of great relevance to a healer: the Etheric Double (a counterpart of the physical body), the Emotional Body and Mental Body. An injury or a disease can be located in any of them. So the task of the healer is to detect the condition and to do their best to heal it.

One has to remember that the gross and the subtle bodies form an integral system. If one of them is affected, positively or negatively, the other will be affected too – immediately or with a delay. The modern medical science treats the physical body and through the healing of the physical body, it positively affects the subtle bodies. An energy healer works on the subtle bodies and through clearing, charging, normalising and balancing them, they positively affect the physical body.

If fact, sometimes an energy healing modality provides a much better access to the injured area comparing to physical means thus allowing to bring about a much faster solution to the physical problem.

The fact that energy healing works effectively is supported by countless testimonials by the people who have experienced it. Of cause, the easiest way to remove any scepticism is to learn the healing techniques and test them. When even a novice can produce fast, tangible and reproducible results, all doubts drop.

Moreover, energy healing is very pleasant to experience. People describe it as a feeling of lightness, pleasant movement of energy, tingling, vision of colours, uplifted mood.

The Healing System we Practice

Our healing system encompasses (but not limited to) non-touch bio-energy healing, psychic healing, spiritual healing, Project Sanctuary techniques, etc. Our professional healing journey started in 1997 with Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing (which is a bio-energy healing system). However, our healing methods have greatly evolved and undergone a huge transformation in the process of more than 19 years of extensive (daily!) healing practice, research, and inner learning.

(Yulia Pal, New Delhi, revised in May 2015.)


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