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Planetary Healing Energy

White light is the basic life energy and it is called planetary energy. It sustains all life forms on this planet.

White light is considered to be the Universal and most powerful healing agent.

The physicists say that white light is made up of all three coloured energies in proper balance - green, blue and red.

In energy healing, we use coloured energies to serve specific purposes:

  • Red vital energy
  • Green energy
  • Aqua energy
  • White-blue
  • Ordinary Violet energy
  • Gentle Soft Pink Energy

There are also Cosmic (Soul) Healing Energies. Some of them are:

  • Electric Blue
  • Electric Violet
  • Sun-Gold
  • Golden-pink of the Unconditional Love

Here is a short meditation that you can do for self-healing. With practice, I would become a powerful tool of self-help.

Lightfall: self-healing with colours

  1. Breath deeply with the help of your abdomen.
  2. Ask your Energy Mind to give you the ideal colour or colours to heal this particular problem. Allow the healing energy appear as a lightfall above your head.
  3. Feel this healing energy flowing into, through and out from your body.
  4. Feel the healing energy entering the diseased or blocked area, saturating it, breaking up and then washing away all the pain and negative patterns. Breathe deeply and tap on or massage the treated area to help the energy to move. Continue till the area starts feeling fresh and sparkling clean.
  5. After the area has been cleared ask your energy mind to give you a healing colour to fill up the area with light.
  6. Complete the healing session by thanking the Energy Mind.

(Yulia Pal)

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