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About the 9 Rays of the Soul


This system is based on the esoteric doctrine of 7 Rays of the Soul. After many years of pondering over this system, I had to modify it to adapt to my logical understanding. So, I formulated my own system of reference – the 9 Rays of the Soul.

The Rays are the energies that emanate from the Creator and sweep through the Universe in nine great ‘vertical’ streams (i.e. over all planes of existence).

These nine types of energy produce the nine types of Souls. Or, in other words, a Soul is born through a certain 'energy centre' of the Creator.

The Ray of the Soul remains constant from incarnation to incarnation.

The Soul decides on the Rays of its vehicles (mental, emotional and physical body) for each incarnation.

The Ray of the Mental Body determines the quality of thought. The Ray of the Emotional Body defines the types of the emotional response.

A personality is a combination of Rays. 

In Akashic Records reading we look at the Rays the Soul and the personality type.

There are no 'good' Rays and 'bad' Rays. The long-term agenda of the Soul is the mastery of the qualities of all the Rays in their highest manifestation.

An Overview of the Rays

  • Ray 1 – A Founder. Leadership, entrepreneurship, will power.

  • Ray 2 – Divine Love-Wisdom. Shadow leaders. Adapt ideas to the immediate needs of the people.

  • Ray 3 – Divine Knowledge and Understanding. An abstract mind. Truth is very important to them.

  • Ray 4 – The concrete mind. Ray 4 people are capable of translating abstract ideas into concrete knowledge through written or verbal expression.

  • Ray 5 – Human Love. Harmony in human relationship. Sensitivity. Giving nature.

  • Ray 6 – Stabilisation, Discipline and Order. They have the ability to manifest unity in diversity, to build order in the apparent chaos.

  • Ray 7 – Creation on the physical plane of existence. Skills to create something. Application of technology.

  • Ray 8 – Instinctive Love, Basic Care. They are nurturing and supporting. They love to be there for others.

  • Ray 9 – Stable, grounding, practical. They love nature, animals and the Earth.

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