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About Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the energy database that exists in the spiritual dimension of the Earth. It is called the Fifth Dimension or the realm of the Soul. The Akashic Records contain information about every soul that has ever incarnated on Earth and about all other processes happening in the world.

Who can tap into them?

A person who has psychic abilities and keen interest can tap into the Akashic Records.

I learned Akashic Records reading through an online course. For me, learning was easy, probably because I had more than 20 years of experience in energy and psychic work.

Why would one want to tap into them?

Tapping into the Akashic Records allows the reader to receive information about the person on the soul level.

It’s different from psychic reading. The information that comes from this dimension has a quality of exceptional clarity and loving wisdom, it is always positive, inspiring and it allows us to see things from a higher perspective.

By reading the Akashic Records, we can explore the soul’s journey through incarnations, understand the soul's gifts and talents and also its blockages and limitations.

The applications are many: we can read about a soul, a relationship, a property or a situation. We can receive spiritual guidance from Higher Self or our Spiritual Guides. Some people channel books and works of art from the Akashic Records.

How can they be tapped into?

I  use a prayer to open a channel to the Akashic Records. There are other methods of tapping into them: meditation, astral travel, channelling and others. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce used to access the Akashic Records in sleep/trance.

Not everyone’s Akashic Records can be read. Personally, I can access the Akashic Records of only about 30% of the people who come to me for reading.

What form these records take. How are they stored?

We do not know. I hope someone would study this phenomenon. I visualise the Akashic Records as a giant “server space” located in the protective layer above Earth. In this space, there are pulsating crystals that are processing and storing information. They are protected by a strong electromagnetic field.

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