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Can a healer remove the cause of disease?

‘Does a healer have the right to remove the cause of disease? I believe that diseases occur as per the plan of the Lord. To what extent a person can intervene in this process?’

A healer is an instrument of healing through whom Higher Beings of Light work, he is a conductor of the energies of Divine Healing and Mercy.

A healer's work is much similar to the work of other professionals who help people in times of distress - nurses, doctors, rescue workers, firefighters, etc. 

The only difference is that a healer helps people on the energy level that is a bit unusual for the modern society.

It is unreasonable to think that a healer can be more powerful than the Lords of Karma (or the Creator) and can remove the karmic causes of the disease for the patient at the wave of his hand.

While it is possible to take on someone else's karma or a disease, a sane healer would never do that.

A healer’s work is to perform an energy clearing and realignment of the energy field and to guide the patient. Correcting mistakes is the responsibility of the one who has created them.

One of my Russian students explained the work of the healer with the following example: if a child falls into a mud puddle, his mum will wash him, change his clothes, and scold him: ‘Do not do that again!’ That's what an energy healer does.

Besides providing an energy ‘wash’ to the aura, the interaction with a healer also gives the patient an effect of increased level of consciousness and more refined vibrations.

Secondly, the root causes of diseases do not occur because of some vengeful 'plan of Lord’. We create our problems ourselves through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

It is unfair to put the responsibility for our illness or misfortune to "the Lord". We are not "spiritual puppets" in His hands. We create our destiny every second of time through our deeds.

When a person takes responsibility for everything that happens in his life, he gains the power to change his life for the better.

It is important to explain this to the patient.

About thoughtforms and emotional energies

What kind of negatives does a healer clear from the energy field and the chakras?

A healer removes negative non-material entities, human spirits, energy cords, negative thoughtforms, emotional energies, implants, etc.

Today we will talk about some of them.

What are thoughtforms?

Thoughtforms are energetic entities that exist on their own in our aura or float in space. These are thoughts that have been created by human beings who invested a lot of emotional and mental energy in them. Over a period, thoughts became so strong that they assumed an independent existence.

Thoughtforms consist of etheric, emotional and mental matter. They have a primitive consciousness of their own. They feed on similar energies and can influence people.

What is emotional energy?

These energies are made up of matter of the astral plane. They carry a strong negative emotional charge – anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy, etc.

Negative emotional energies are very resistant to regular cleansing. We use Divine Energy to clear them.

What are etheric implants?

Implants are etheric devices that are inserted by dark or extraterrestrial entities into our Etheric Body (and other subtle bodies) for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the actions of human beings.

They are 'mechanical' artefacts and do not have consciousness.

These negative energies and artefacts influence the physical and psychological wellbeing of the person and should be removed.

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Invisible Blockages in Life?


In my practice, I found that some people find it difficult to go into meditation or to experience Ultra-Height hypnosis. When questioned why, they often say that they perceive a blockage in the form of a dark cloud above their head or in the head area that does not allow them to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

Based on my experience, I classified such blockages in the following way.

1. An energy blockage present in the spiritual channel that connects the personality to the Higher Self. It can be negative beliefs or negative thoughtforms.

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Love Yourself Meditation

Pink Man by Yulia Pal

A client once asked me how to practice a 'love yourself meditation'. Here is what came down in response.


Close you eyes and step into the realms of inner worlds, though the layers of crystal space.

Move yourself into the tunnel of light and allow yourself to rise higher and higher.

The higher you go, the more relaxed you are.

The peace grows onto you.

The softness cuddles your body.

This is the place where you feel so loved and protected every moment of your life, disregarding the oceans of emotions and worldly turbulences that may play around you in the Hard…. and they are so distant now... till they finally disappear…

Here at your core you are so safe and protected.

Continue to rise higher and higher into the sky filled with changing lights, marvelous, luminous, glowing with love.

Continue to rise higher and higher till you find a flowering lotus in the luminous space where you can anchor yourself for a while.

Above you is the Sun.

Your spiritual Sun.

Below you is the Earth; you are connected to the spiritual heart of the Earth.

Around you there are fluids of luminous light.

And the whole world around you is responding to your thoughts and emotions.

Here you can choose what you want to do for yourself – to love yourself, to heal yourself, to open yourself to the energies of abundance or love, to get the knowledge on a subject you are curious about.

Today we choose to love ourselves.

Affirm to yourself, “I love myself, please show me how to love myself even more, even better.”
And the light within you suddenly lights up – your head, your chest, your arms and legs are illuminated. They are illuminating not only your physical and energy body, they are illuminating you multi-dimensionally.

Your body of mind is glowing like a diamond and you see it in all its multidimensional beauty – you see the layers that are your conscious ‘you’ and you see the layers that are your super-conscious ‘you’, something that may not be reachable at this time, at this life, the greatest secret for you to reach and to explore in later lives, in later incarnations.

You see how vast it is, in fact it is infinite and it is blending with the ocean of mental energy on multi levels, giving you instant access to the consciousness of all kingdoms of earth, to the consciousness of extra-terrestrial worlds and celestial beings – up to the Throne.

You see the channels of communications flowing effortlessly in this great body of mind and you are the receptacle for all, all you need to do is to tune your attention to the needed field and receive the streams of consciousness.

Coming down to the field of emotions there is another realm quite different from the ocean of mental energy.

It is moving constantly in great waves and it has its depths and heights available to you at any level. What do you need? What do you choose?

The answer you already know. You choose something that gives you life, something that nourishes your body of emotions, something that harmonizes you and allows you to become more and more transparent to Light that is the pure force with the ability to effortlessly illuminate everything around it.

Aren’t you being beautiful?

Aren’t you the love itself?

Aren’t you are lovable and awesome as a multi-dimensional being?

Haven’t you already the qualities that you have been longing for all your life?

It is here, in you – you are pure, you are light, you are love itself, you are peace and harmony, you are the essence of human friendship, you are the fountain of happiness and laughter.
Now you know that this light, this joy is yours always and available to you at the slightest command any moment you call for it. It will never go away because it cannot go away from you anywhere.

Because there is no anywhere. Anywhere is only you. You are the light that radiates the divine qualities.

And wherever you choose to be, either in an incarnation or in heaven or in a space in-between, you can choose to use this light to transform the space around you. This transformation is about you, it is about your evolution.

Because the evolution of a human being is not that he becomes better, he already is … but he chooses to make the field of reality around him better through lighting it up by using the resources that are within him.

To transform reality with your own light and experiencing the new reality and making your choices whether it is good or not good for you and then changing this again till all forms are dissolved and there is pure light and joy and wisdom.

And perhaps a new spin of reality awaits the human being…

Remember this experience and keep it safely in your heart.

This is a beacon of light that will keep reminding you who you truly are…

Whenever you are ready slowly come back into your normal consciousness.

Energizing Objects with Prana

Charging Objects with Prana to Facilitate the Healing Process


Water, ointments, creams and any other object can be energized to enhance their qualities or to increase their potency.


These two photographs of frozen water taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher and an author of an important book "The Message from Water".

In 2003 Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment with healers of Australia to validate the affects of distant healing. A group of healers remotely energized the water sample with Light, Love and Power.

The two photographs reflect frozen Tokyo tap water before and after energizing it with prana. The second image clearly demonstrates a remarkable change in the internal structure of the energized water reflecting its improved quality.

(For more information regarding this research and Dr. Masaru's work in general, visit Dr. Emoto's website at

How to Charge an Object?

One method of charging an object is by rhythmic breathing.

  1. It is recommended that the object should be first cleaned energetically.
  2. Do five cycles of rhythmic breathing.
  3. Direct your palms toward the object. Continue doing rhythmic breathing for about 20 cycles and charge the object with Prana.
  4. Stabilize the projected energy.

(Yulia Pal, January 1010)

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