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About thoughtforms and emotional energies

What kind of negatives does a healer clear from the energy field and the chakras?

A healer removes negative non-material entities, human spirits, energy cords, negative thoughtforms, emotional energies, implants, etc.

Today we will talk about some of them.

What are thoughtforms?

Thoughtforms are energetic entities that exist on their own in our aura or float in space. These are thoughts that have been created by human beings who invested a lot of emotional and mental energy in them. Over a period, thoughts became so strong that they assumed an independent existence.

Thoughtforms consist of etheric, emotional and mental matter. They have a primitive consciousness of their own. They feed on similar energies and can influence people.

What is emotional energy?

These energies are made up of matter of the astral plane. They carry a strong negative emotional charge – anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy, etc.

Negative emotional energies are very resistant to regular cleansing. We use Divine Energy to clear them.

What are etheric implants?

Implants are etheric devices that are inserted by dark or extraterrestrial entities into our Etheric Body (and other subtle bodies) for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the actions of human beings.

They are 'mechanical' artefacts and do not have consciousness.

These negative energies and artefacts influence the physical and psychological wellbeing of the person and should be removed.

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