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Can a healer remove the cause of disease?

‘Does a healer have the right to remove the cause of disease? I believe that diseases occur as per the plan of the Lord. To what extent a person can intervene in this process?’

A healer is an instrument of healing through whom Higher Beings of Light work, he is a conductor of the energies of Divine Healing and Mercy.

A healer's work is much similar to the work of other professionals who help people in times of distress - nurses, doctors, rescue workers, firefighters, etc. 

The only difference is that a healer helps people on the energy level that is a bit unusual for the modern society.

It is unreasonable to think that a healer can be more powerful than the Lords of Karma (or the Creator) and can remove the karmic causes of the disease for the patient at the wave of his hand.

While it is possible to take on someone else's karma or a disease, a sane healer would never do that.

A healer’s work is to perform an energy clearing and realignment of the energy field and to guide the patient. Correcting mistakes is the responsibility of the one who has created them.

One of my Russian students explained the work of the healer with the following example: if a child falls into a mud puddle, his mum will wash him, change his clothes, and scold him: ‘Do not do that again!’ That's what an energy healer does.

Besides providing an energy ‘wash’ to the aura, the interaction with a healer also gives the patient an effect of increased level of consciousness and more refined vibrations.

Secondly, the root causes of diseases do not occur because of some vengeful 'plan of Lord’. We create our problems ourselves through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

It is unfair to put the responsibility for our illness or misfortune to "the Lord". We are not "spiritual puppets" in His hands. We create our destiny every second of time through our deeds.

When a person takes responsibility for everything that happens in his life, he gains the power to change his life for the better.

It is important to explain this to the patient.

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