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Healing sciatica

“Tired of my pain…. how can holistic healing help me get rid of sciatica pain?”

Sciatica is a painful condition caused by a “pinched nerve” or compression of the sciatic nerve. In general, the pressure on the nerve can be due to a herniated disc or shortening and tightening of the Piriformis muscle.

One of the metaphysical causes, in my experience, is desperation. Try asking yourself a question, “What am I desperate about?”, “What does this pain prevent me from doing?”

To deal with the emotional reversal that may be the subconscious cause of sciatica, you can soak yourself in the following positive affirmation: “(In the name of the Creator,) I am supported. I am loved”.

The general approach in treatment is to increase the blood circulation is the affected area. Hot water can help to improve the circulation.

In my opinion, energy healing is an effective form of complementary therapy for sciatica. Clearing the stagnated energy and charging the affected areas with fresh prana increase the energy flow to and through them. When the energy starts flowing, the blood circulation follows, and the self-healing processes of the physical body are stimulated.

It’s advisable to learn the basics of energy healing and to apply it on yourself daily for as long as the problem persists. The DIY approach is important here because in the acute phase of sciatica 3-4 healing sessions a day will be needed – to deal with the pain effectively and to accelerate the recovery.

The healing protocol would be on these lines:

1. Cleanse the Ming Men chakra, the base of the spine chakra and the minor chakras in this area. Cleanse the lower spine. The physical spine may be severely depleted while the lumbar area will be very congested.

2. Cleanse the whole affected leg, the pathway of the sciatic nerve and the sole minor chakra. The affected leg will have a peculiar energy of inflammation discernable by touch, the sole minor chakra will be overactive.

3. Also work on the other leg, even if it is not affected – for symmetry.

4. Energize the affected area of the spine and the chakras. Energize the sciatic nerve with soothing blue energy – to relieve the inflammation. Beneficial prana colours for clearing and energizing would be very light violet, soothing blue, brilliant white with a tinge of electric blue, luminous light pink, and light green. Use your intuition what colors to use for cleansing and charging.

5. Do the general aura clearing because it is also affected. Charge it with energy.

Nerve pains are often caused by an entity attachment. This angle needs to be explored, and the attaching entity should be released before energy healing.

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