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Advice for healing recipients for faster and effective healing

How does Energy Healing work?

Energy Healing is a time-based form of supplementary therapy that works on the energy body. Bioenergy healing accelerates the rate of self-healing of the body and thus helps

  • to stop disease from progressing,
  • to repair the damage on the energy level, and
  • to prevent a relapse.

Can a healer give you a guarantee that you will be cured?

No. A healer (as well as any doctor) cannot do that. A healer can only guarantee that they will do their work thoroughly.

General Recommendations

1. For a healing session, please avoid wearing:

  • natural silk, leather, synthetic clothing,
  • grey-coloured clothing,
  • jewellery,
  • wrist-watch
  • metal object.

You may have to remove your spectacles.

2. Do not bathe (or at least do not wash the treated part of the body) for minimum 6 hours after a healing session, as the projected energy needs time to be absorbed by the body. If you must wash, then use warm water. There are no restrictions in drinking water (either warm or cold) after healing sessions.

3. Do simple all-body physical exercises for better assimilation of subtle energy.

4. Practice abdominal rhythmic breathing. Absorb ground and tree prana consciously with the help of rhythmic breathing.

Yogi Ramcharaka's 6:3:6:3 rhythmic breathing technique: inhale for 6 counts while expanding the abdomen. Hold for 3 counts. Exhale for 6 counts while retracting the abdomen. Hold for 3 counts. This is one cycle. Repeat 12 cycles. This should be done preferably thrice a day - immediately on waking up, before lunch and before sleep.

5. Drink Sun-energised water.

6. Take regular salt water baths - a handful of sea salt for a bucket of water. You can add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the water. Fresh water may or may not be used after salt water.

7. Adopt a vegetarian diet - at least for the period of healing.

8. Refrain from smoking and consumption of alcohol.

9. Consciously practice character building and loving-kindness towards all sentient beings.

10. Practice meditation daily.

11. Make use of the Law of Forgiveness: forgive and bless those who have hurt you.

12. Make use of the Law of Mercy: to receive mercy, one must be merciful.

13. Practice generosity and tithing. Regularly donate 5 to 10% of your income to charity - to alleviate the sufferings of other people. It generates good karma.

How many sessions will be required?

The approach in treatment of any disease should be integrated or holistic. Energy healing is just a supplementary form of therapy. The duration of treatment always depends on many factors:

  • nature of the ailment,
  • age, physical and psychological condition of the patient,
  • degree of damage to the physical body,
  • frequency of treatment,
  • receptivity of the patient,
  • presence of the causal (karmic) factors that prevent healing from manifesting, 
  • skills of the healer,
  • use of other forms of therapy in conjunction with energy healing. 

About patient's receptivity

The receptivity of the patient plays a very important role in healing process. No matter how powerful the healer is, they cannot and they will not force 'healing energy' onto the patient.

What are the factors that influence the patient receptivity? 

  • Open-mindedness in general.
  • Trust in the system.
  • Personal rapport with the healer.
  • Desire to get well, a positive mental attitude.
  • Desire to let go of the negative patterns of behaviour.
  • 'The attitude of gratitude' towards the process of healing.
  • Proper remuneration of the healer, as agreed between them. (It has been observed that "free healing" or underpaying the healer results in slow healing or no healing at all.)

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