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Preventive Energy Treatment

"As a person grows older, the chakras gradually atrophy and become depleted. These correspondingly cause the physical body and its organs to gradually deteriorate. To improve one's health, to reduce tension, and to slow down the rate of aging, it is advisable to undergo regular preventive pranic treatment. For older people, preventive pranic treatment can be applied once or twice a week depending upon the need. For younger people, the treatment can be done at further intervals." ~ Master Choa Kok Sui, Advance Pranic Healing

We are all energy beings surrounded by electromagnetic fields. The energy body is the blueprint and the mould for the physical body. Based on the studies of Kirlian photography, it has been observed that a disease first manifests in the energy body.

An energy healer can detect a malfunction of the energy system by "scanning" (feeling the aura with sensitive hands) or by intuitively observing the energy body.

A healer can correct a malfunction on the energy level at an early stage before it manifests in the physical body as a disease.

Thus energy healing can play an important part in preventive treatment.

What are the effects of preventive energy treatment?

  • The aura (the energy field surrounding you body) increases in size and becomes thicker.
  • The breaks and holes in the outer aura are sealed. This reinforces your defence system.
  • The energy body is cleansed from the diseased or dirty energy and other types of negativity.
  • The energy flow in the body is harmonized and balanced.
  • The chakras of the energy body are cleansed, energized and balanced.
  • The major internal organs are energetically cleansed, energized and balanced.
  • Blood is energetically cleansed and revitalized.
  • The overall vitality is boosted.
  • The person will experience lightness, a sense of well-being and, in many cases, a spiritual upliftment.

Who will benefit from a preventive energy treatment?

  • Aged people
  • People with dynamic lifestyle
  • Frequent travelers
  • Stressed professionals
  • School children during exam days
  • Sports persons


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