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Natural supplements to the medical treatment of tuberculosis

Below is the short list of natural remedies. It is rather sketchy but hopefully it will give you an idea what you can do at home to help accelerate the rate of recovery from TB. Please contact your physician before attempting any of this.

What exactly is tuberculosis?

"Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly contagious lung disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The germs are spread via coughs, sneezes, and physical contact. The most worrisome aspect of this disease is its latency. Those infected may harbor the germs for years, yet display no outward or visible signs of infection. However, when the immune system becomes challenged or down regulated due to stress, candida, diabetes, or other factors, the bacteria can become reactivated and develop into full-blown TB."

Energy Healing

Important: Energy Healing is supplementary to the medical treatment. Before commencement of Pranic treatment, the patient should have been medically diagnosed and started medical therapy.

Energy Healing Protocol (1st month)

(The protocol is based on Master Choa Kok Sui's pranic healing protocol for TB as given in Advance Pranic Healing book.)

For the first 30 days use Electric Violet (Divine Energy) for cleansing and energizing till the infection is under control.

This energy is of very high vibration and it is anti-microbial. It was said that the infection occur when the rate of vibration of the energy body falls back below a certain level. When the rate of vibration is raised – and the Divine Energy does exactly this – the microorganisms cannot survive in this environment.

  1. Apply a thorough general sweeping 3 times or more. The energy body of a TB patient is very dirty overall.
  2. Cleanse the front and back heart chakras. Energize with EV.
  3. Thoroughly cleanse the lungs from the front and back. Energize with EV.
  4. Cleanse the solar plexus chakra and the liver. (The function of the liver gets affected by the powerful chemical anti-TB drugs.) Energize the liver with LWG then with LWV pranas.
  5. Energize the solar plexus with EV energy.
  6. Cleanse the spleen chakra. Energize with EV.
  7. Cleanse and energize the navel, basic chakras with W prana.
  8. Cleanse the throat and the head chakras and energize with EV.

Natural remedies

Liver tonics – ayurvedic or homeopathic.

Aurvedic Cough Tea – to relief cough and improve sleep.

Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic. It can be administered in various forms in parallel to the main treatment.

Boosting the Immune System

Exposure to Sunlight. Sunlight is a powerful anti-germ agent. It also stimulates the production of Vitamin D which is known to increase lung function.

Foods rich with life energy (sprouts, fresh salads, etc.)


Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Clove, Lemongrass, Oregano Essential, Pine, Cedarwood essential oils have broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, they can be diffused or used in a form of a spray to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria like Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

To prepare a spray, add essential oils 10 drops each to 100 ml vodka.

Camphor crystals in a diffuser lamp will help to disinfect the air in the patient's bedroom.

Hypnosuggesion (can be used as a possitive affirmation)

"_____ (name), you are connected to the Infinite Source of Healing Energy.

This energy is here for you, for healing your being on all levels.

Accept this energy with grace and allow your body to get healed.

Your immune system is growing stronger and stronger every hour.

Your immune system is doing a great job in cleansing and protecting the body in all ways.

You blood is being purified.

Your lungs are being thoroughly cleansed, energized and regenerated.

You lungs are healing!

You body is healing! It is becoming stronger and stronger.

The infinite power of your subconscious mind knows exactly how to accomplish the healing.

All is well and you are well, loved, safe and protected every minute of your life!"

Positive Affirmations

Joseph Murphy suggests the following: "Every cell, nerve, tissue, and muscle of my lungs are now being made whole, pure, and perfect. My whole body is being restored to health and harmony."

Healing through Visualization

Download and print out a color picture of the healthy lungs.
Title the picture "Healthy Lungs"
Hang in a place where the patient can look at it often.

(Yulia Pal, October 2010)

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