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The Alexander Technique

This is my personal favourite.

It's an excellent technique to release tension in the muscles. It is also a good pose for a meditation - you can let go of your body without going to sleep.

It can be used to drain out tension, fatigue, mild pain and negative energies and it is great after a strenuous physical workout.

Lie down in a semi-supine position and allow the neck and back muscles to release gently.

Keep awareness on your body, on your breath and focus on letting the floor to support it.

Allow your body to release and lengthen with the help of the force of gravity.

The formulas given below are a form of a program for the subconscious mind to remember the correct body alignment.

Just think the words and allow your body to release and lengthen by itself.

  • I am allowing my neck to be free, so that my head can release forward and up.
  • I am allowing my torso to lengthen up and widen.
  • I am allowing my knees to release forward and away.

One can practice it 10-20 minutes at a time at least once a day.

Of course, there is much more to the technique but it is best to be learnt under a guidance of a qualified person.

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