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Healing the Inner Child - Theater Therapy for Adults

We were all children once. When we become adults, we lose the play and spontaneity of childhood. We become «calcified» – emotionally and mentally.

What has been lost in adulthood can be recaptured through drama games. Theatre therapy helps us to reawaken our “Inner Child” that has become lost to us, the adults. The child is always within us. When we negate that part of ourselves, we disconnect from our true feelings and lose our spontaneity.

Do you want to know how your Inner Child feels? Close your eyes for a moment and become aware of your abdomen or your heart (the place for the Inner Child may be different for different people). Visualise a child in that Sacred Place and observe their mood. What do you perceive: content, peace and happiness; or loneliness, sadness, suppression, anger, indifference, fear?

The unhappy Inner Child is often responsible for our negative patterns of behaviour in life, in our relationships and our job.

Thus, people who have emotional problems often need to examine, recover and unshackle that part of themselves – on their journey to wellness.

When we positively transform the self, we clarify and deepen our sense of connectedness to others. Drama games facilitate self-understanding and self-healing by bringing out aspects of character, personality, emotions and diversity of self-image.

Theater exercises, when led by an experienced and sensitive trainer, offer a safe and structured environment in which we can experiment with moods and physical expression.

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