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The Gift Pattern - Reversed

A veil

A Healing Failure

When a healer stressed, they cannot heal. They may be overwhelmed by emotions, especially if their near and dear ones are involved, or by the gravity of the situation, or by the responsibility of producing immediate results, or by numerous requests for urgent help combined with the lack of time.

Stress causes a healing failure – a healer is unable to heal. A sort of mental and energy paralysis sets in, and the greater is the pressure, the more severe is the shut down of all healing channels.

In this stressed state turn to your Inner Sanctuary* for help. No matter how stressed you are on a conscious level, your energy mind is always ready to come to your rescue, to offer you new ideas. There is always a place of serenity and quietude reserved for you in your Sanctuary. There is always a path to your Ultra Height and invisible helpers ready to take you there.

Below is the pattern from the Project Sanctuary which unfolded when the stressed healer turned to her energy mind for help.

The Gift

Mom’s holographic image appeared on the white screen… I looked at the image and observed darkness in her head area on the right…

She just had a heart surgery, the heart area seems not bad, then why there is darkness in the energy field in the head area? And the darkness is moving.

I asked my energy mind to give me an idea how to approach this situation. An image of silvery-white lightfall have appeared. Good! Let it flow down her head and through the energy body washing her inside and outside. Shining silvery light is dispelling all the darkness so very quickly.

What about the heart? I looked at the heart chakra. It’s not so bad, the energy is depleted and there is some deformity on the left side. With my silver energy healing hands I gently touched and corrected it.

The head and the face area are still dark, it does not go… what to do?

- I want to talk to this darkness. Darkness, come forward and talk to me!

- Yes, what do you want, - a cold faint voice responded.

- What are you doing here?

- I am making her sad, making her think that she will die.

- Why are you doing this?

- I was with her for many years and these are the little games we play in-between two of us. I am the veil of darkness, hopelessness, sadness. I make people feel sad.

- She does not want you here!

- No, she does want me here.

- Mom, do you want this sadness to be in your aura, making you sad oh so often?

- Yes, I want…

- All right, mom, in a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10 and you will allow your mind to be lifted higher and higher while you body remains so deeply relaxed. I want to you expand your consciousness till your meet your Higher Self so you can speak to Her.

- All right, let’s start!... – I started counting with intermediate suggestions. Finally, she softly said, - Yes, I am now standing in front my Higher Self.

- Do you believe it’s your Higher Self?

- Yes, I do.

- How do you know this?

- I know this in the deepest part of my heart – that this is me.

- Good! Now I want you to look for a minute at your Higher Self and admire Her magnificence. It’s you – in your fully realized potential. You like this picture, don’t you, mom?

- Yes, I like…

- Now I want your to talk to your Higher Self and ask Her about the veil of sadness – it is worth wearing it at all?

Mother communicates telepathically while I am waiting.

Then I observed a beautiful event. The Higher Self gives her a marvelous crystal as a gift. It radiates many colours – the waves of shimmering blue, green, violet and pink in the sea of brilliant white.

In response my mother lifts and gathers her veil and hands over to the Higher Self as a gift!

I am astonished because I know something miraculous just took place. That was the Sanctuary ‘Gift Pattern’ in reversal. The sadness has been accepted by the Higher Self and gone.

How does mother feel now?

She feels somewhat vulnerable because everyone can see her now as she is, without covers and masks and she is not used to that.

- How do you like this state, mom?

- It feels new.

- Are you feeling any sadness, gloom?

- No, just incredible lightness and curiosity about the world around me, I feel like I am a small child.

She tells me that she feels love emanating from her to the rest of the world.

She feels joy and compassion for those who have not yet experienced this state.

She feels compassion for the people who are carrying in their auras misery and veils of sadness that do not allow them to experience life fully.

Great! Now let me go back to the holographic image in the Healing Room. What does her aura look like now? It is shimmering with green, blue and white lights.

How is her heart chakra? I make some adjustments and comb the aura rays to fluff up the aura. I feel good about this healing. I forgot all about my ‘healing failure’. What about her?

- Mom, do you feel good?

- Yes, I do, thank you, daughter.

This was the breaking point, after which a recovery process started on the physical level.

(Yulia Pal, May 2012, New Delhi.)

Yulia is a healer and trainer. She teaches Psychic Healing Workshops.


*Project Sanctuary is developed by Silvia Hartmann,

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