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Self–Hypnosis and What It Can Do for You

I consider myself very lucky to learn hypnosis from Santhosh Babu and later from the Omni Hypnosis Training Centre (USA).

I only regret that I came to hypnosis and hypnotherapy so late in life. I find it the invaluable tool of self-help – so unbelievably simple and effective, a tool to access the deeper layers of the mind, to remove the ‘viruses’ or negative programming instilled into us (consciously or unconsciously) by parents, teachers, society, etc., to clean up the mental mess and to introduce new positive beliefs.

Why don’t we know about the positive power of hypnosis? The answer is simple – hypnosis is surrounded with so many myths and scares that very few people have curiosity to explore it.

Hypnosis is not sleep and not a zombied state. Contrary to the common belief that the person becomes physically and mentally paralysed and gullible to any suggestion from the hypnotist, I would say that there is not such ‘hypnotised’ feeling.

In a state of deep hypnosis, you continue to be aware of the background noises and the physical environment. You also know that you can return back to the normal physical consciousness any time you want and you have the power to accept or reject a suggestion.

The difference is that in hypnosis the mind shifts to a different mode of functioning. The conscious mind which was running on foreground shifts to the background while the greater consciousness becomes accessible. One can also describe this phenomenon as shifting from a linear perception to non-linear.

What can you do with hypnosis?

1. Better meditation

Many people complain that they cannot meditate because they cannot still their mind. How to go into a calm space within you?

Induce a light trance for yourself and then, instead of the command ‘Deep sleep’, give yourself the command ‘Meditate’. Your conscious mind will ‘go to sleep’ while you, the bigger consciousness, will be able to pilot yourself anywhere you want.

Bring yourself out of meditation gently by using the counting out technique of hypnosis. This is much better than abruptly coming down to your physical senses as practiced by some people.

2. Expanding your self-perceived limits

When you induce yourself into a trance, you allow your consciousness to expand tremendously. The limits are set by your imagination only.

For example, in a trance, you can suggest to yourself:

“I am a gifted healer! I am a pure channel of Divine healing energy! Divine Love flows through me! The Divine Healing Energy flowing through me is touching the lives of people who need healing help right now!”

Your conscious mind remembers this experience of you being a gifted healer and it becomes easier and easier for your to recreate this state. Remember it is not for your ego, but to dissolve your limiting beliefs about yourself!

Of course, needless to say that healing given from this state of consciousness is by far more powerful than an ordinary healing session.

The level of consciousness expands so much that it becomes difficult to fit yourself back into a small physical body.

3. Soul journeys

When in trance, you operate on a higher consciousness level, unlimited by your ‘small personality’.

In trance, you can:

– Travel in the inner worlds in any direction you choose.

– Do your Project Sanctuary work.

– Heal yourself and other people.

– Help people who need your help.

– Learn new things in the inner word.

– Contact your Spirit Guides and Healing Angels and channel information from them.

– Talk to your clients on the Soul level in order to uncover the root cause of their conditions.

– Undertake a shamanic journey for various purposes.

– Talk to the animals in their spirit form and channel healing to them.

4. Pre-experience events in your life

Pre-experiencing events will help to eliminate stress associated with them and show you that you are on the right course.

For example, if you are scared of public speaking, you can pre-experience yourself as a confident public speaker in front of audiences of various strengths. In the inner world, your fears and limiting beliefs become apparent and you can deal with them constructively. Also, the conscious mind remembers the good outcome of the inner experience and when a similar situation arises in the physical world, you will react to it calmly and confidently.

5. Finding the best solution for your problems

In a state of trance you can fast-forward your life and observe the effect of your present decisions on your future. Then you can choose the best option available to you now.

After induction into a trance, you can go to your Safe Place and contemplate on the best way to solve the life situation. In the Safe Place the strong and week points of possible solutions become apparent. You can also give a command to your mind: “While my conscious mind is busy looking for the best solution to the issue, my higher consciousness is already arranging all the resources required to resolve the situation.”

I guess there are many more ways of utilising the technique of self-hypnosis. Once you learn and start applying the technique of self-induction into a hypnotrance, you will find many more creative applications – suitable to your personality and your field of work.

6. Manage stress better

Hypnosis is a great tool to help your loved ones affected by stress or undergoing emotional turmoil. Personally, it proved to be the most valuable method to help my daughter to relieve extreme stress and mental fatigue during her annual exams. She enjoyed it so much that she periodically asks me to give her a ‘deep relaxation’ for study habits, self-confidence and better self-image.

I would suggest to everyone who is interested in self-development and helping to his near and dear ones to learn hypnosis – one of the most valuable tools on the planet.

Any technique I can do myself now?

Here are the elementary steps:

1. Ensure that you are alone in a quiet room.

2. Close your eyes and relax the eyelids to the point they will not work and then test them to prove to yourself that they will not work.

3. Slowly count backward from ten to one and allow yourself to go deeper into a trance.

4. After each number repeat to yourself: "In body and mind, I am relaxing deeper and deeper..."

5. When you reach number 1, concentrate on your breath and imagine and feel that you body is getting lighter and lighter. Waves of relaxing cosmic energy are entering your body and spreading from the toes upwards. Imagine and feel that a light, tingling, relaxing, energising sensation flooding you.

6. Repeat several times positive affirmations. For example, ''At all times, I am totally calm, cool and in control.''

7. Give yourself the following suggestion: ''Hereafter, each time I induce self-hypnosis, I will be able to do much easily and faster.''

8. You can then come out of the trance by counting from 1 to 10. On reaching ten, give yourself suggestion: "Feeling good and totally alert!" and slowly open your eyes.

(Yulia Pal, revised March 2011.) 

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