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Oncological Diseases

Healing Help in Esophageal Cancer

Few months back, in June 2012, my husband, Mr B.R.Salwan was diagnosed with Oesophagal cancer of stage 4. We spent no time in starting chemotherapy.

On the same time just like all other families who leave no stone unturned, decided to adopt natural healing also as one of the means.

I got to know about Capt. Ajay Pal through one of my close relatives. I had heard that Master Prana Healing reduces negative energy so after discussing my husband’s case with Capt. Ajay healing was started.

I don’t know how the healing was helping but the whole combination of chemotherapy, homeopathy along with Master Prana Healing definitely seemed to work. Sometimes the results of healing were quite visible when aftereffects of chemo were reduced.

By the grace of God, my husband’s pet scan report show remarkable improvement and according to doctor, his cancer is 95% cured.

I, along with my family, are indebted to Capt. Ajay Pal for healing my husband. He is always very approachable and ready to explain all the queries.

After this experience, I can say, I am a firm believer in this form of healing.

(Manju Salwan, December 2012)

Lymphoma Remission

Patient’s name: Chinna, male 37
Occupation: household help
Initial symptom: swelling of glands/lymph nodes all over the body
Biopsy reveals grade 4 lymphoma.

Healer: Ajay Pal

For last six months Chinna was undergoing chemotherapy at Chennai. Three days back, malignant fluid aspirated from the pleural area, grade 4. Chemotherapy recommended for next 6 months. One injection every month. Follow up test to be done only after six months.

Patient is illiterate and not knowledgeable. During the course of prana healing Chinna went back home in his village, in interior Tamil Nadu, where no one speaks English. Regular feedback was provided by Kannan.

A distant prana treatment started on 4 August 2011. On 28 August the healer received the following feedback:

“Hi, Ajay,
Good news. Chinna came to Chennai, expecting to resume chemotherapy BUT the chest x-ray revealed that fluid in lungs was gone!

His doc told him you are in remission; you are looking much better, so no chemotherapy for now. Go back to your village.

So a happy Chinna has gone back to his village. Great!

A recap of his symptoms as they are now:

Left side glands below the ear: gone fully.
Right side gland swelling – still there, reduced by 15%.

In the middle of the throat, the swelling remains just the same as for many months: EGG-sized Axilla swelling is the size of marble. It has softened."

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