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Nasal obstruction and allergy healed

Name:- Supreet Kumar

Address:- Mandrem, Goa.

Age:- 23yrs

Date:- October 2009

Case:- Chronic Sinusitis

Healers Name:- Capt. Ajay Pal

Case History: My son had been suffering from a nasal obstruction that reduces his breathing capacity by 100%. This had required him to breathe through his mouth.

In June 2004: He was detected with congenital allergic condition. Initially it would last for three to four months during winters, but by 2006 it had deteriorated to round the year.

Medically, he was put on nasal spray (octriwin) with possible nasal operation in three years. The spray had to be taken daily, in fact, mostly twice a day.

Success Through Pranic Healing: While I was in Goa in October 2009 I contacted Capt. Ajay Pal, a Pranic Healer based in Delhi, who did distant Pranic healing and amazingly my son was healed in one healing session.

Nasal spray was stopped immediately and his breathing became normal.

I was so impressed and greatful that i undertook three levels of pranic healing and in the last few months i have done several successful healings for others.

Thank you very much for the great help.

(Charanjit Kumar)

Dated:- 12th July 2010

Chronic allergic rhinitis

Patient: Rajiv Bhojwani

Age: 37

Sex: Male

City: New Delhi

Healer: Yulia Pal

Type of healing: Advance Pranic Healing

Case: Chronic allergic rhinitis (for 30 years)

Date: 22.11.07

I took six sittings. I was going through severe nose allergies problem. Lots of cough and sneezing was there. Medicines were not helping me much. But now after six sittings 70% problem is gone and I am very happy and relieved. Thanks.

(Rajiv Bhojwani) 22.11.07

Acute Allergy

Healer: Ajay Pal

Date: December 2006

My daughter developed severe allergies on her face when she was just 7 months old. A large part of the skin of the face had become irregular and rough in texture, and there were rashes on her upper body. I was asked to follow a strict regimen of "Dos" and "Don'ts" for her in food, clothing and lifestyle to avoid further aggravation of the condition. This was a difficult period as a mother as this would mean not allowing my child to enjoy a normal childhood.

After consulting a number of pediatricians and dermatologists, I was informed that the only treatment for her was "steroids". I was not keen on administering steroids to my baby. I consulted a number of homeopaths and ayurvedic practitioners, but found no success in her treatment. Her allergies only aggravated further with different treatments.

It was then that I was introduced to Pranic Healing by a dear friend who was also an active Pranic Healer. With persistent Pranic Healing treatment (without administering any other drugs), her allergies cmpletely disappeared. Every Pranic Healing session would result in an instantaneous change in the skin of her face and her rashes. Within a couple of months, her facial skin was regenerated to its original form and all allergic symptoms completely disappeared. I am sincerely grateful to Master Choa Kok Sui and His teachings of Pranic Healing, Ajayji and my dear friend who showed and led me into this path of Pranic Healing! This has truly been a life-altering experience for me and my family!

(Richa Khanna Bhatia)

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