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Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

Soul Profile Reading and Clearing


Initially I thought a reading of my akashic records would be similar to information I learned from Astrology and Human Design readings. I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case. Even if some of the information presented about myself seemed in line with or similar with what I already knew, it was still different, like looking at it from another angle, layer, or perspective and thus it was useful for self study.

Much of the reading felt like confirmation. It has given me confidence in my own self understanding and intuition. Not just what came from the akashic records but Yulia's wisdom as well. I appreciated her advice and intuition regarding my records. I enjoyed the process of discovery and the daily prayer that followed.

The clearing has been most subtle and yet profound. I had been depressed from this crazy covid year, still grieving from a loss a year ago, and had pains in my neck all of which have seemed to be alleviated since the clearing. I'm at peace. The reading and clearing have also helped me to notice the thought patterns that may have caused or lead to thought form entities. The awareness helps me to stop the unproductive thoughts or judgments. Since the reading and clearing I feel more confident like someone on my path said "you're doing it right, and you're going the right way." So I'm still on a journey and still have work and learning to do but there's a lightness to knowing I have a trustworthy inner knowing. Thank you, Yulia!

(Monet Holschlag, USA, December 2020. Reading was done in November 2020.)

Atma Namaste Yulia,
I am writing this to express my gratitude for the wonderful results I have experienced after the Akashic Records Session with you [in 2019]. The 21-day clearing prayer you suggested is especially powerful and I can feel lots of unnecessary problems have just melted away altogether from my life. Thanks again!
Yours sincerely,
Bangalore, 24 November 2020


The words to properly communicate this seem to escape me.  Your reading for me is so very on point and completely resonates within the depths of my being.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift with me in procuring this reading.  It is a guide to which I will reference and reread many times over.  

I am so very excited about my path, my future and the progress of my soul!  Is it possible to ask for another reading after several years?  This is my first time for this type of reading and Yulia, you have truly uplifted my spirit!

With kindest regards and many blessings,
Kat (USA, 18 September 2020).


[Short report]
I read the report and I think it describes me so well. I thank you so much for the reading and for your prompt response.
(E.M., 10 June 2019)


Yulia was very responsive to initial queries prior to the consultation. She made me aware of the time it could take and updated me of the progress made. She was very patient with queries in the discussion session and willingly responded to further queries following the session. As I am young I have to give time for a number of the findings to reveal themselves. This was a very interesting and helpful consultation. Hope she helps many other seekers find out more of themselves.

(KK, Malaysia, 2 April 2019)


I used the "Full soul profile reading and clearing" service. I should say that I'm impressed on the accuracy of everything that was contained on the report. Yulia was really helpful during our Skype meeting to personally explain in detail the results of the reading and to provide advice on how to handle the issues observed during the reading. The reading also helped me to gain a new perspective on a chronic disease that has been affecting me for a while and for which traditional medicine wasn't as helpful as I had hoped. The reading revealed that the disease was driven by certain attitudes of myself but also by feelings and thoughts from a previous incarnation. That knowledge will help me to correct my own harmful attitudes in my life but also to cancel the past-life curses that were affecting me now.

(José Francisco Salinas Torres, Mexico, February 2019)

Akashic Records Reading to answer questions

"Your readings are invaluable to me".

(Donna, Italy, January 2019. Ordered a number of readings.) 

Reading for a Departed Soul 

Highly convenient and useful guidance for mental peace and support. Most importantly there is a warmth and human touch in all the services.

Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking healing services. 

P., UAE, 27/06/2018

Soul Profile Reading and Clearing

Having had the Akashic record read and cleared by Yulia has been a profoundly beautiful experience for me. Almost immediately I felt a clearer and more powerful light in my eyes, which allowed me not only to acquire a better vision physically, but also to feel more tranquility and confidence in myself and in life. Yulia shed light also on a tough question I asked her, and upon being informed and advised on the matter I came to a better understanding and acceptance of the situation in question. I am looking forward to do the 21 day cleanse and to continue working with Yulia for some prana healing. Thank you, Yulia for your accurate reading and your caring manner.

(Daniela, Ireland, May 2018)


I got the Akashic records reading done by Yulia. I loved her reading. Yulia comes across as a pleasant person. I truly appreciate her insights and recommendations. She gave me a prayer which I am reading and I am certain that life will change for better.

(Jaya, India, March 2018)


I am totally amazed by the amount of information I received with my reading. Yulia provided so many explanations for questions I have had regarding aspects of my personality and things I have ‘known’ all my life but didn’t know why or how. The prayer/homework has already begun to make certain shifts that I can perceive. Yulia is such a gracious person who, I feel, truly has your well-being at heart. I would recommend Yulia to anyone who is searching for answers that their soul has been seeking. On a practical note, Yulia provided several days and times for me to select what would work best with my schedule. Many thanks and gratitude.

(H.C., London, February 2018)


Very helpful. Resonated with me very much. It confirmed and clarified so many things about myself that I felt I knew but was never sure of. Clarified problems in my relationships and provided solutions to things that seemed understandable and helped me to accept things.

(Anuradha Daing, Kolkata, April 2017)


Dear Yulia, Thanks a lot for the message and your follow up. Yes, your reading helped a lot for the development of my own Path and mission here on Earth. Actually, my own experience with healing people has been boosted and improved thanks to your reading and the way you are exposing and analyzing the information. In that sense, your help was priceless for my development and my mission. 

Thank you so much for everything and for your wisdom and knowledge.

Best wishes,


(Bulgaria, March 2017)


I am very pleased because Yulia explained everything that she found and was very supportive.

The Akashik findings were interesting. Yulia picked up on things that were not visible by a shaman with auric sight alone. I am grateful to have this cleared now.

I also thought it was interesting to hear about past lives, such as the Warrior oath I had taken, which made sense regarding my attitude in this life.

It was also nice to hear that I am loved and protected by my guides and has given me the realisation that I need to try harder to think, feel, speak and act in alignment with my higher self at every single moment.

After the reading and clearing, I have a greater sense of who and what I am here for.

Thank you for looking further into career options available to me as it is helpful advice.

Thanks so much,


(Róisín McCarthy, Ireland, December 2016)


Yulia, it has been about 5 weeks since the healing I had with you. I would like to say that I feel my life is nicer now and I am overcoming many negative qualities and patterns I had held for a long time. I feel like, apart from other things I have been doing, that the healing was really helpful.

(Róisín McCarthy, Ireland, February 2017)


The session was very good. The analysis about me was almost perfect. I felt a lot of energy and intense activity in my chakras especially in my heart chakra during the skype call. Even later while doing the clearing sessions I find intense energy movements. So hoping after 21 days I will see a lot of changes.

Yulia was very lucid and I think she is really good as a healer. For me to experience the energies while on a skype call itself speaks volumes. Thank you, Yulia!

(Vandana Sinha, Bangalore, November 2016)


I must admit that the readings given by Ms. Yulia Pal for my Akashic Records are very genuine and accurate. She is very genuine, accurate and does her work very patiently and in detail. She discusses & explains each and every point and aspect of the report in detail and gives sufficient time for discussion until one is satisfied. After getting the reading & clearing of Akashic Records done I feel some heavy burden has suddenly gone away or disappeared. I sincerely thank her for all that she has done for me and for improving my life. I wish her blessings stay with me forever and may she help and change many more such needy souls & souls who have lost direction in life.

Thank you so much!

(Ankur, Mumbai, August 2016)


"I was eagerly waiting for this [the report] and immediately went through the same twice. I am amazed by its accuracy and it resonates with me like my own soul telling me all this as an outside observer. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for accepting my request for a reading and helping me understand the life in a new perspective."  

(D.P., Lucknow, July 2016)


"Deciding to work with Yulia was one of the very best decisions I have made. I found her to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and effective. We did some very deep work together and the changes that resulted have been profound. I heartily recommend Yulia and her services."

(T.F., Netherlands, May 2016)


Met Yulia. Found her reading of Akashic records absolutely marvellous. She comes across as a Spiritual Guru who has a Divine Aura.

During the session, while the Akashic records were being discussed, I was awestruck by the accuracy of the reading and the interaction was PERFECT.

Now that the clearing request has been done, I am on a journey of my spiritual path with much greater energy and clarity and wish to thank Yulia from the bottom of my heart.

(Harish Mathur, New Delhi, September 2015)


Thanks so much for the reading and the clearing, really helped me get a new perspective.

(S., June 2015)


Thank you very much, after the Akashic record reading, my perception of my own life has changed, I have received answers to all my questions, and I am also able to take better decisions, overall I am more balanced. Thanks again and God bless you! 

(Chavi, New Delhi, April 2015)


(...) Moreover, the Aakashik Records reading done by Yulia had been of great help. We all know the reality deep in our subconscious minds but it isn't well communicated to our conscious self. Whereas in Aakashik Records Reading this too was very beautifully communicated. (...)

(Nivedita, New Delhi, March 2015)

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