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Energy Healing Feedback

Energy Healing

Yulia has been my teacher of Pranic Healing and does many other forms of distant healing. She's been always sooo helpful with my own healing when I could not heal myself.

(Maria, April 2020)


I was requested to give a healing session to a 2-year old (S.) who was down with flu. The next day I received the following message from her grandmother:

“Dear Yulia, this is to let you know that because of your healing, S’ period and intensity of flu both reduced to just one evening and this morning. She had a fever early morning, now better. J.’s (her brother, 6) was more intense and lasted 2 days.”

(February 2020)

Remote Healing for Impacted Hip Fracture

(10 daily healing sessions were conducted starting from 22 June 2018.)

"Yulia, I am updating you on the results.

Today, my father went through an X-ray, and the doctor said that the fracture was no longer visible, the bone has healed.

The doctor was very surprised, he said that at this age [66] such a fracture usually does not heal so fast, the normal period of healing is at least 6 months. Sometimes it does not heal at all. 

I think if you had not conducted those sessions for 10 days, such results would not have happened. So once again we want to say thank you very much."

(Vladimir, Ukraine, 31 July 2018)

Remote Healing

I have known Yulia Pal for almost 10 years. Since our first meeting, she is like the guiding star in the ocean of spiritual and energy knowledge for me. She helped me to overcome and work through many important moments in my life and to collect the puzzle "understanding of the universe". 

I feel very grateful to both Ajay and Yulia Pal for their kindness and help to stay healthy. 

(Anna T., Moscow, Russia, January 2017)

Remote Healing

"I found Yulia from the Internet in goal for improving my Aura. I had a previous stress in life and she was very understanding and insightful in her work. She had worked on my Aura and each Chakra based on the problems I had (she was very accurate). I could feel the warm, sun-like energy during and after an energy session. She also disconnected Cords, Entities, etc. Improvements most noticeable are in areas of my health, like my digestion and metabolism. I feel an overall warmth to my body. I'm less stressed and almost "stronger". Yulia had been helpful to answer my questions and make suggestions. Overall, I'm quite happy with our sessions."

(Ruslan, Canada, May 2016)

Remote Healing

"Deciding to work with Yulia was one of the very best decisions I have made. I found her to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and effective. We did some very deep work together and the changes that resulted have been profound. I heartily recommend Yulia and her services."

(T.F., Netherlands, May 2016)

Remote Healing

"Yulia is a very gifted healer. She is excellent when addressing physical ailments (she helped me in solving a 6 years issue in one of my breasts) as well as emotional and spiritual issues. Her healing is a great support if you are the kind of person who is on the path of personal and spiritual development. I personally noticed a great shift as she could 'see' and heal stuck emotions I did not even mention to her. Her reports are accurate and a great way to gain insight about yourself. I highly recommend her healings!"

L.P. (Spain, May 2016)

Remote Healing

"I got a distant healing done from Yulia after a recommendation from my daughter. I've been suffering from a disorder in the nervous system that provokes shaking in my hands and head (doctors agree it's not Parkinson). After Yulia's session, the tremor has been reduced by 50-60% in my hands and 80-90% in my head. It's such a relief as the neck tension had reduced as well. I especially liked her report... It's incredible, we never met and she perceived so many things about me (insecurities, fears...) and her advice to continue healing* is very valuable. Sincere thanks, Yulia"

V.G. (Spain, May 2016)

(*Bach Flower remedies by her daughter.)

In-person Healing

I am writing this mail to testify my beautiful experience, the 2 weeks journey of immense joy, peace, happiness and fulfilment with Yulia.

I had never been to any healer in my life but desperation to get answers landed me on a fairly simple looking page of Google search and I met Yulia.

A very understanding, beautiful and a lovely person. In all my interactions I reached a different height of self-awareness. The healing sessions, cleansing of Aura and Chakras, Ultra Height Therapy, Relationship Healing and post session counselling, all of this have transformed me from one submissive being to a more confident and strong person.

I do feel that shift within myself. I feel lighter, revived and lovely. One of the sessions I enjoyed the most is the ultra height therapy. One must go for this - recommended post a healing session. No words can describe the joy felt during this therapy.

Moreover, the Akashik Records reading done by Yulia had been of a great help. We all know the reality deep in our subconscious minds but it isn't well communicated to our conscious self. Whereas in Aakashik Records Reading this too was very beautifully communicated.

I am a New Person. And I will continue to be one till I go back to the light.

Thanks, Yulia !!



(April 2015, New Delhi)

Bad Dreams

A single energy healing session was given to a patient who has been having bad sleep disturbances for over 1 month.

"Mom says 'thank you'. She had a very good sleep and did't scream too."

(Via sms, March 2013)


"Deep waters run silent" is a phrase that explains Yulia's personality. A passionate healer and humble channel of the divine... always ready to help and inspire people.

Yulia is so full of spiritual energy, her radiance is something you can't miss, even if in a crowd she makes her mark.

I wish Yulia all the best in spreading the knowledge of Prana healing through her centre at Defense Colony (Delhi)


Rajesh Singh
Founder ISTM, Corporate Trainer, Behavior SoftSkills Coach, Holistic Stress Mgmt. Expert

(New Delhi, April 2012)

In-person Healing - Severe Neck Sprain and Backache

Healer: Yulia Pal

I was suffering from a severe neck sprain and backache for 2 weeks. I was on strong medication as prescribed by a doctor. But even after 2 weeks, the pain was the same. So I decided to get a healing done from Yulia Pal and to my surprise I stated feeling better the same day and the pain just vanished. It’s been a month now and thanks to Prana Healing and Yulia, the pain is just not there and I feel perfect.

I would suggest everybody to get a healing done whenever in any pain at least once – before going to any doctor. It works as a miracle.

New Delhi, 2 June 2011 

Acute Pain in the Lower Back

Healer: Yulia Pal

I was having acute pain in the lower back and was barely able to bend or sit properly. I tried to have some medicines and applied ointments and did hot fermentation hoping that it would subside but it did not. After 2 days the pain was even more acute and I could not bear it any longer. So I decided to contact Yulia Pal, an energy healer who did my healing. While she was doing the healing I felt a lot of improvement that very minute and was approximately 60% less. Throughout that day after healing my backache kept improving and the very next day it was completely fine and I was able to bend and sit easily.

I would recommend that everyone open their hearts to energy healing. It's life changing and it heals like nothing else. Thank you so much, Yulia, for healing my ache.


(New Delhi, June 2011.)

"I recovered my own self-confidence..."

I met Yulia in Delhi, as a teacher in the courses on Pranic Healing. I have done basic, advanced and pranic psychotherapy, besides the Arhatic Yoga Prep I. I understand the dynamics and principles behind this healing art and still every day I am more amazed at the power of the teachings to achieve not only a good level of mental and emotional peace but also to evolve spiritually.

Three months back I went to Yulia in a very weak emotional condition: stressed, helpless, insecure and heartbroken. Although I am very positive in every aspect of my life, my potential relationship with somebody I really love was falling apart and so was I.

Yulia treated me with Pranic Psychotherapy and with one session I felt a better sense of serenity and after the second and third sessions, I started to feel much more empowered. But I wanted to go further and learn how could I also take responsibility and help he in my own healing.

Yulia has been very sympathetic, compassionate and patient, she has been healing me and guiding me in every session I decided to take. After 3 to 4 more sittings every alternate week, I went through a very powerful changing process: I recovered my own self-confidence, she healed my fear of talking when I had to express my feelings, likes and dislikes, she taught me how to get rid off the negative thoughts/emotions when they arise and she has been giving me an invaluable guidance with healing techniques/tips unknown to me till then. She also recommended me to bless the other person and to practice forgiveness.

The progress after 3 months has been tremendous, I feel at peace, more confident and my relationship is improving. I am extremely blessed and grateful to Yulia for her healing and to Master Choa Kok Sui for the knowledge on Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Being a Yoga practitioner myself, Master’s teachings helped me deepen my understanding of the infinite possibilities that lie within ourselves.


(Maria, June 2009)

(Sent via email)

Acute Pancreatitis

(Translated from Russian)

On 25.08.07, I fell acutely sick. It started with a headache at 16.00, which could not be relieved by tablets. When measured, my blood pressure was normal. After 20.00, I also started vomiting. It was relieved the next day after I was given an injection and intravenous infusion. During these two days, I have not eaten at all.

On 28.08.07, I asked Yulia Pal to give me healing. Immediately during the distance healing session, my condition improved, nausea and weakness disappeared. Yulia also applied energy therapy to uplift my mood. My vitality improved quickly.

Thanks to this distant healing, the next day I was able to come to the healer personally.

In parallel, I received allopathic treatment. I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.

At home, I followed a diet, bed rest. I meditated regularly. My condition normalised in 2-3 days.

Normally, in the case of acute pancreatitis bed rest is indicated for about 2 weeks along with a strict diet or even fasting for 3-4 days. Presently my diet is almost normal, except that I avoid spicy food. I feel good.

I am grateful to Yulia Pal for the healing help.

With love, Fatima.

Delhi, August 2007.

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