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Workshops with Yulia Pal

Pranatherapy Workshop

Today I sat down with the Pranatherapy handouts given by you and re-read them. I fondly remembered many moments of the two workshops and thoroughly enjoyed reading them again. Thank you! Miss you. 

(Ruchika, February 2020)


Thanks for hosting the workshop. it was an interesting and insightful experience and you were able to articulate the concepts to beginner students very well.

(Vikas, 12 March 2018)


It was a sublime experience. A lot of topics were covered and learning was progressive. Difficult concepts were made easy and interesting. The interaction with other participants was very good as well. Yulia is a wonderful Guru. In gratitude.

(Namita Sethi, 12 March 2018)


Nice to message with you, it's been a long time since we were at your place, learning about Pranic Healing, hope you and family are all well. Pranic healing is so special for me and every time I treat someone I am reminded of you.

(‎Michael Thornhill, South Africa, via FB)


Dear Yulia,

The two-day workshop undertaken by you has been a life altering event for me. Till a few years back I was an atheist. Then over last few years back I have experience various spiritual practices, like Vipassana, Iskcon, Isha Yoga, etc. I had started believing in the existence of energies, by over last two days I felt the energies myself. Now my outlook on the world is entirely different.

(E.P., May 2015.)

Pranatherapy Workshop

I have earlier done energy healing course from you, which was wonderful. I am very much keen to learn under your guidance through the next level workshop.

(Radhika, July 2014.) 

Pranatherapy Workshop

Dear Yulia, 

Thank you for the course on Pranatherapy. I am happy I repeated the course as now I am ready to integrate it into my practice. It was a wonderful experience, you exude so much peace and the quality of your consciousness lifts up whoever is in your company.  

(New Delhi, January 2014)

Pranatherapy Workshop

Dear Yulia,

Thank you so much for showering the divine love on me. 

I feel blessed. Since the day I came back from your workshop, I have felt a great miracle within myself. I have become so sensitive towards energy. Anywhere I go I am able to sense what sort of energy governs that area. I have practically experienced it (...)

Warm Regards,
(New Delhi, January 2014) 

Pranatherapy Workshop

Yulia is a dynamic healer with fabulous interpersonal skills. Within a short span of time on Day 1 itself, she made us aware of our inherent sensitivity to feel and tap the Prana in the environment around us and to infuse our own being with it.

With her, the session was enlightening, entertaining and opened up new vistas of psychic self-discovery.

This workshop is a perfect stepping stone to the wonderful world of healing and I have come away with a new perception of myself and the world around. Aura is no longer an exotic concept. It’s an extension and integral part of my physical reality now.

Highly practical, interesting and motivating enough for me to take the next level workshop. Thanks to the Team for a wonderful experiential workshop!

(Rachita Gupta, New Delhi, May 2011)


"The one hour long Self-Hypnosis session was very powerful & empowering. Yulia, with her vast and in-depth experience, made the short session really very effective and worth learning.

I personally practice the 'powerful hypnosis sleep/power nap' every day. It's very effective and makes me feel all fresh and energetic in just 5-10 mins...Thank you so much Yulia!"

With All Thanks and Regards

(New Delhi, April 2011)

Corporate Feedback

The workshop was a great choice for a group activity and held our attention for the entire duration of four hours. By the end of it, rather than feeling tired, we felt refreshed and full of new ideas.

Yulia is a very warm and approachable teacher who made learning fun.The techniques she taught us are easy to learn and recall and can be used in our day to day lives.

(Shoili Kanungo
Graphic Designer
McKinsey Knowledge Centre)

(April 2011)

Energy Healing Course

"The (Energy Healing) course is very interesting and professionally conducted. Yulia is very approachable, answers questions, and provides instruction in an easy to understand way. She is very patient, kind, thorough and professional. I'm so glad I took the time for this course.  I want to continue this study."

- Would you recommend Energy Healing program to your friends/colleagues?
- Absolutely yes, but only if they are truly interested. 

(Deana Culp, American Embassy School, September 2010)

"Yulia is an outstanding, experienced, informative and helpful as an instructor. It was a great pleasure to work with her in the course. I learned a great deal & hope to work with her again in the future. Yes, I've recommended the course already to friends. Thanks!"

(Barbara Stein, American Embassy School, September 2010)

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