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About Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the energy database that exists in the spiritual dimension of the Earth. It is called the Fifth Dimension or the realm of the Soul. The Akashic Records contain information about every soul that has ever incarnated on Earth and about all other processes happening in the world.

Who can tap into them?

A person who has psychic abilities and keen interest can tap into the Akashic Records.

I learned Akashic Records reading through an online course. For me, learning was easy, probably because I had more than 20 years of experience in energy and psychic work.

Why would one want to tap into them?

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About clearing on the Akashic Records level

I would like to answer some common questions I receive regarding Personal Energy Clearing service I provide.

"Are you going to do Akashic Records reading and clearing too?"

Yes, I open Akashic Records to receive the information about the contamination of your energy system. I do not do extensive reading. Also, I do clearing on the Akashic Records level. I share only 1/2 page of information with you.

"What happens during Akashic Records reading and clearing?" 

Reading helps to uncover negativities, blockages and limitations on the Soul and personality levels. After the reading is completed, the reader requests Akashic Records guides to clear all these negativities to the extent it is possible at that time.

This is an amazing part of the Akashic Records reading work because clearing creates a shift of energies, new paths open up for the client, and his/her level of consciousness increases.

At the same time, we need to create a significantly new experience by making new choices in our life. Otherwise, we will keep getting the same results.

So, creating a new experience in the sphere of physical health is a process and it takes time.

“Do my aches disappear forever after the clearing is done on the Akashic Records level?”

No, they do not.

Every person has some physical karma of the body. Unless we are karmically entitled to a complete 100% healing, pains and aches will not disappear miraculously overnight after the clearing. We have to make efforts on the physical and energy levels to complete the healing process.

"After how long I can expect results after treatment? I have gone through so many people but nothing is changed since last 2 years..."

The results vary from person to person. They depend on the karmic entitlement of the person. Clearing is like a fertiliser, it will fertilise the karmic seeds of abundance and success, provided they are there. If there is none, nothing much will happen.

The fastest way out of a blocked situation is by using the Law of Karma: do unto others what you want others to do to you and do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you. Return your debts, deal fairly with other people, forgive your “enemies”, extend help to others, do not cheat or steal, do not be cruel to people/animals/nature. This brings good luck and new opportunities.

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About the 9 Rays of the Soul


This system is based on the esoteric doctrine of 7 Rays of the Soul. After many years of pondering over this system, I had to modify it to adapt to my logical understanding. So, I formulated my own system of reference – the 9 Rays of the Soul.

The Rays are the energies that emanate from the Creator and sweep through the Universe in nine great ‘vertical’ streams (i.e. over all planes of existence).

These nine types of energy produce the nine types of Souls. Or, in other words, a Soul is born through a certain 'energy centre' of the Creator.

The Ray of the Soul remains constant from incarnation to incarnation.

The Soul decides on the Rays of its vehicles (mental, emotional and physical body) for each incarnation.

The Ray of the Mental Body determines the quality of thought. The Ray of the Emotional Body defines the types of the emotional response.

A personality is a combination of Rays. 

In Akashic Records reading we look at the Rays the Soul and the personality type.

There are no 'good' Rays and 'bad' Rays. The long-term agenda of the Soul is the mastery of the qualities of all the Rays in their highest manifestation.

An Overview of the Rays

  • Ray 1 – A Founder. Leadership, entrepreneurship, will power.

  • Ray 2 – Divine Love-Wisdom. Shadow leaders. Adapt ideas to the immediate needs of the people.

  • Ray 3 – Divine Knowledge and Understanding. An abstract mind. Truth is very important to them.

  • Ray 4 – The concrete mind. Ray 4 people are capable of translating abstract ideas into concrete knowledge through written or verbal expression.

  • Ray 5 – Human Love. Harmony in human relationship. Sensitivity. Giving nature.

  • Ray 6 – Stabilisation, Discipline and Order. They have the ability to manifest unity in diversity, to build order in the apparent chaos.

  • Ray 7 – Creation on the physical plane of existence. Skills to create something. Application of technology.

  • Ray 8 – Instinctive Love, Basic Care. They are nurturing and supporting. They love to be there for others.

  • Ray 9 – Stable, grounding, practical. They love nature, animals and the Earth.

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Planetary Healing EnergyPlanetary Healing Energy

Planetary Healing Energy

White light is the basic life energy and it is called planetary energy. It sustains all life forms on this planet.

White light is considered to be the Universal and most powerful healing agent.

The physicists say that white light is made up of all three coloured energies in proper balance - green, blue and red.

In energy healing, we use coloured energies to serve specific purposes:

  • Red vital energy
  • Green energy
  • Aqua energy
  • White-blue
  • Ordinary Violet energy
  • Gentle Soft Pink Energy

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How to repair holes in the aura?How to repair holes in the aura?

How to repair holes in the aura?

(This is my article originally written in Russian.) 

This question has intrigued many people, including the materialistic skeptics, probably because deep down, at the most elemental level of our core self, everyone can sense and comprehend the importance of retaining and sustaining the wellbeing of their energy fields.

What are these holes in the aura?

Let’s talk about the aura first.

Our physical body has an etheric double, which permeates and extends 1-2 cm beyond the physical body. The etheric double is the template for the physical body: it has all the organs of the physical body in the energy form, it also has meridians (subtle energy channels) and chakras (energy centres).

Life energy flows through the etheric double. This life energy is a sort of subtle electrical current that animates the physical body and carries out the physiological processes. The etheric double is fundamental to its physical counterpart. Consequently, all defects and disorders in the etheric double manifest themselves as defects and disorders in the physical body - immediately or with a delay.

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Application of Energy Healing in Psychological ConditionsApplication of Energy Healing in Psychological Conditions

Application of Energy Healing in Psychological Conditions

Energy healing can be used as a supplementary form of therapy in some emotional and psychological conditions.

Pranatherapy is effective in conditions such as tension, irritability, anxiety, grief and stress. It is also helpful in non-clinical depressions, traumas and phobias. 

Some healers may specialise in more complicated conditions such as addictions (smoking, alcoholism, etc.).

Energy healing is based on the principle that we have subtle bodies, besides the physical body, and they can also get sick.

The grossest one is the Etheric Double of the physical body. There are also other vehicles of consciousness beyond the Etheric Double.

The Etheric Double is a replica of the physical body. Besides the energy organs, it also has chakras (the energy centres) and a complex network of energy channels. 

Each chakra is related to specific psychological functions. The chakras directly affect our psychological state. 

The opposite is also true: our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions affect our chakras. 

The Etheric Double and the higher subtle bodies have auras. Together they constitute the Human Energy Field or HEF. The HEF is protected by a Golden Web. 

The Golden Web may have tears and holes. Tears and holes compromise our natural energy defence and open our energy field to the entry of various energy parasites, earthbound spirits, negative energies and malicious attachments. 

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About Energy HealingAbout Energy Healing

About Energy Healing

(Image - Etheric Body.

What is Healing?

Healing is an ancient art that has been practised in all world cultures from time immemorial. There is no monopoly over energy healing. It is known under different names, but its essence is the same because all these systems are based on the Laws of Nature.

There are several distinctive types of energy healing:

  1. Touch healing (laying of hands).
  2. Non-touch bio-energy healing (working directly on the etheric body).
  3. Non-touch bio-energy healing - remote.
  4. Mental healing (telepathic or psychic healing).
  5. Shamanic healing (invoking the healing help of the Spirit World).
  6. Divine healing (invoking the healing help of the Creator).

But it's not all! The following methods are also energy healing:

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