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Application of Energy Healing in Psychological Conditions

Energy healing can be used as a supplementary form of therapy in some emotional and psychological conditions.

Pranatherapy is effective in conditions such as tension, irritability, anxiety, grief and stress. It is also helpful in non-clinical depressions, traumas and phobias. 

Some healers may specialise in more complicated conditions such as addictions (smoking, alcoholism, etc.).

Energy healing is based on the principle that we have subtle bodies, besides the physical body, and they can also get sick.

The grossest one is the Etheric Double of the physical body. There are also other vehicles of consciousness beyond the Etheric Double.

The Etheric Double is a replica of the physical body. Besides the energy organs, it also has chakras (the energy centres) and a complex network of energy channels. 

Each chakra is related to specific psychological functions. The chakras directly affect our psychological state. 

The opposite is also true: our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions affect our chakras. 

The Etheric Double and the higher subtle bodies have auras. Together they constitute the Human Energy Field or HEF. The HEF is protected by a Golden Web. 

The Golden Web may have tears and holes. Tears and holes compromise our natural energy defence and open our energy field to the entry of various energy parasites, earthbound spirits, negative energies and malicious attachments. 

(It may sound like a plunge back into the dark age of superstition, but unfortunately, it is true: in the invisible world there are many entities of different sizes and various levels of consciousness, and some of them are not friendly towards human beings.)

All these subtle phenomena may negatively affect the human energy system; the subtle bodies may become infected and diseased. A malfunction of the energy system will inevitably manifest as a disease of the physical body, usually with some delay.

Out of all psychic phenomena, non-material entities and earthbound spirits are most damaging to the energy system.

The energy parasites attach to a particular area of the body and start ‘living’ there. They devitalize the area, produce toxins that poison the etheric and physical body tissues, affect neurology, and may inject their own psychic code into the body of the host. They also affect the consciousness of the person.

From a healer's perspective, psychotic disorders are caused by attachment of bigger entities. These entities are dangerous. Not every healer can deal with them. 

Other phenomena are the emotional energies lodged in the aura. 

Negative beliefs, negative thought patterns manifest as negative or unwholesome energy entities floating or lodged in the subtle bodies. These energies are often difficult to release though a traditional talk therapy.

An energy healer can detect and to safely release these crippling energetic patterns. 

A healer will also treat and normalise malfunctioning chakras, thus bringing relief to the patient.

The techniques used in energy healing for psychological ailments are:

  • Aura clearing.
  • Repairing the Golden Web (the protective layer of the aura).
  • Clearing, healing and normalizing the chakras.
  • Removing (or transforming) traumatic psychic energies, negative thoughtforms, and etheric parasites.
  • Entity removement (removal of larger non-material entities).
  • Spirit releasement therapy (removal of earthbound spirits).
  • Removing negative, unwanted, unauthorized energy cords.
  • Helping the client to create a positive image for themselves ("energizing" the client with positive thoughtforms).
  • Installing a psychic shield to prevent psychic re-infection (re-infestation).

In my experience, energy healing is an effective supplementary form of therapy for people who are mentally healthy but who are experiencing temporary psychological problems. 

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