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Akashic Records - Soul Profile Reading and Clearing

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

Akashic Records work constitutes an intuitive reading of your Soul Profile and clearing work. 

It is a form of healing work that is done on a very high level.

You will learn 

  • The Soul type.
  • Your level of consciousness.
  • The Ray of your Soul and the overall personality type. This determines your Soul Gifts - things that come naturally to you. They are the seeds of your abundance in your life.
  • Your Soul Group of Origination and how does it affect your character and behaviour.
  • Soul Specialisation.
  • How this Soul is known and loved in Akashic Records.
  • The main life lesson / theme at present.

Spiritual Resources of the Soul

  • The quotient of Light, the quotient of darkness.
  • How many spiritual guides you have.
  • The degree of your connection with the Higher Soul.
  • The level of protection, etc.

Blocks and Limitations

We will uncover a presence, if any, of

  • Negative guides
  • Damage /tear in the protective web of the Aura
  • Soul memory problems
  • Entity attachments
  • Earthbound spirits attachments
  • Negative thoughtforms 
  • Implants
  • Energy cords present
  • Portals
  • Presence of any curse, black magic or similar energies
  • Negative programs that are influencing your incarnation, etc.
  • Major Soul blocks and restrictions at present, and where they are from, etc.

You will also get answers to your additional questions from the level of Akashic Records.

How Can My Akashic Records Be Cleared?

Clearing happens because in the process of reading we ask the Keepers of the Akashic Records to transform old patterns and negative energy attached to the negative choices we had made that no longer serve us on our path. 

According to the wise ones, whatever information is coming to the surface of our awareness, it is ready to be transformed, to be cleared.

Therefore, Akashic Records reading is a precious opportunity to dissolve old and obsolete patterns that prevent us from moving forward on our own path of evolution.

The Keepers of the Akashic Records erase only the negative energy that accompanies our negative choices in the present life and past lives, and not our personal history.

In my experience, this leads to a significant improvement of the situation and healing on a very high, 5th-dimensional level.

Simultaneously, the querent should continue to work on themselves (forgiveness, letting go, character improvement), because they have to let go of the old patterns not only on the Soul level but also on the level of the present life personality.

After Akashic Records work, a person may be given a situation where they have to make a new choice - a choice that would reflect their new understanding, new consciousness, more holistic, more positive Self-awareness. If they make the right choice, it is a sign that the karmic lesson has been learnt.

The Format of the Akashic Reading and Clearing Sessions


View a sample a report:

Important: The content of the report will vary from person to person. Each report is prepared individually according to the information channelled from the Akashic Records level.


For Akashic Records reading, I need:

  • your full name (the present name and the name at birth),
  • your place of birth
  • your date of birth
  • the current place of your residence
  • the intention of reading (What are you committed to manifest (or change) in your life within the next 3 to 6 months?)

The querent's intention for Akashic Records reading is important. The more specific is your intention, the more concrete information comes through.

I need 5 days to prepare a Soul Profile reading. After your Soul Profile is completed I will do clearing at the Akashic Records level.

I normally ask the client to do a "homework" in the form of reading the Clearing Request for 21 days. This will clear your blockages and limitations at the subconscious and physical level.


I will submit a written report after a verbal delivery over phone or Skype.

We can discuss the report over phone or Skype. The time required is 1 hr.

On your request, the session can be recorded and the MP3 file will be sent to you.


Akashic Records reading and clearing

  • India - INR 10000.
  • Overseas (full form) USD 220.

PayPal is accepted.

How to Book a Session

Not everyone’s Akashic Records can be accessed, so please send me a request before booking a session with the following information:

  • the full name of the person (the present name and the name at birth),
  • the place of birth
  • the date of birth
  • the current place of residence.

This information is kept in confidentiality, and it will be deleted after the Akashic Records services have been provided.

Request form:

I will revert with confirmation within 24 hours. The seats are limited in a month.

Questions About Akashic Records Reading

"Can you tell the future from the Akashic Records reading?"

There is no predestined future for the Soul. The Akashic Records contain all options available for the Soul. The person creates his future every moment through thoughts and actions. We can read about the past events and the present but not about the future.


Some reviews are available here.

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