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House / Property Energy Clearing

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Service Description

Property Visit

(For New Delhi only.)

I will go through the house. I will detect and clear negative energies and negative entities. I will give you suggestions on how to improve the energy health of the house.

Time requirement: around 2 hours for a standard apartment.  

Before I Visit Your Property

Before I visit your property, I access Akashic Records to receive information about it.

Akashic Records reading will help discover the energy profile of the house (property):

  • Compatibility of the house / property with its occupants.
  • The energetic character of the property.
  • A presence of the Sick Building Syndrom, if any.
  • How many Guardian Angels the house has.
  • Any dark influences.
  • Negative imprints and negative programs.
  • Historical land usage that is not suitable for residential purposes.
  • Negative astral interference (portals, gateways, etc.)
  • Entity attachment.
  • Human spirits attachment.
  • A presence of negative objects.
  • Geopathogenic stress.
  • Yin and yang balance.
  • Electromagnetic radiation, etc.

After I Visit Your Property

Three days after the on-site clearing is completed, I will recheck the energies of the house and will do a distant clearing, if needed. (A hand-drawn floor plan may be required.)


Charges for Akashic Records reading and clearing for a house / property:

India - INR 8000 to 10000 (for a standard apartment).

Overseas (distant clearing only) - USD 160. You can make a payment via PayPal.

How to Book a Session

To read the Akashic Records I need to know:

  • Your full name (present and at birth)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Your current place of residence (the city and the country)

You should be the owner of the property you wish to clear.

Request Form

Please send me a request before booking a session. I will revert within 24 hours.

Limited seats in a month.

Clients' Feedback

Clients' feedback can be access on this page


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Room 7, 8
Arya Samaj Mandir
Greater Kailash-2
New Delhi


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