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A Brief Soul Profile - a Written Report

This service is provided by Yulia Pal

Service Description

A written report will include the following:

  • Type of your Soul.
  • Ray of your Soul and the description of the Ray.
  • Your personality type.
  • Star origination of the Soul and the description of the star group.
  • The level of consciousness.
  • The number of spiritual guides.
  • How this Soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records.

A written report consists of approximately of 4-5 pages of typewritten text.

What are the Soul Rays, Star Origination, etc.?

I use a 9-rays system to determine the Soul Ray. The Soul Ray defines the natural inclinations, abilities and gifts of the Soul.

The 9-rays system has been developed by me over many years of practice on the basis of the esoteric teachings of the Seven Rays of the Soul.

A Personality Type is the manifestation of the interaction of the Soul Ray, the Mental Ray and the Emotional Ray.

A star origination is a star group to which your Soul belongs. It influences the character of the person.

How to Book a Session

To read the Akashic Records I need to know:

  • Your full name (present and at birth)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Your current place of residence.

Not everyone’s Akashic Records can be accessed, so please send me a request before booking a session. I will check and revert within 24 hours.

Request Form


I will email you the report on your Soul Profile within the specified period, usually within 3 days from the date of the payment.

Your investment

India - INR 3500.

Overseas - USD 55.

PayPal is accepted.

Clients' Feedback

Clients' feedback can be accessed on this page.

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