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Personal Energy Clearing

This is a distance session. 

The session consists of two parts

1. Day 1 - Psychic clearing of negativities. You will receive a brief (a half-page) written report on the status of your energy field.

2. Day 2 - A bioenergy aura clearing and realignment.

In my experience, this combination gives the best results. After clearing the negatives, the energy body is left damaged, hence a bioenergy healing session is needed in order to cleanse, heal, energize, realign and protect the aura for a faster normalization.

Clearing and realignment sessions are done normally over two days.

What Gets Cleared?

The purpose of clearing is 

- to remove negatives from the energy field and

- to clear blocks and restrictions from the Incarnated Soul to the extent it is possible at the point of time.

I focus on clearing some of the following negativities that may be affecting your energy system:

  • Specific negative energies, negative thoughts or emotions.
  • Specific traumatic energies lodged in the subtle bodies.
  • Attached human spirits.
  • Parasitic entities.
  • Specific negative cords and attachments.
  • Evil eye energies. 
  • Specific negative programs blocking your flow of abundance, good health, and harmonious relationships.

This is a gentle and safe technique. I access Akashic Records of the Soul and then I work with the energies of Light to create a positive shift in energies.

After the clearing, the Incarnated Soul is realigned to the Divine Light, Love and Power.

The clearing passes across all your bodies at all levels, through this incarnation and your past incarnations and is registered in the Akashic Records.

The clearing is effected to the extent it is karmically possible for you at the moment now. Several sessions may be required at month’ interval for gradual clearing, cleansing, healing and realignment of the Incarnated Soul with the Higher Self.

The Format of the Session

I will require from you:

  1. Your full name at present, full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth, present geographic location. Your photo.
  2. An advance payment.

You can fill in your details in this online form:

We agree on the date and time for the session. Normally, it is my morning. It's a distant healing session. No Skype communication is necessary.

If it is your night time, it is good. Otherwise, during the session, you are asked to relax and to be aware of your body.

After the first session, I will email you my findings (half-page) and suggestions. If you have any questions, I will answer them via email. After the second session, I will inform you that it is done, there will be no more descriptions or suggestions. 

You may give your feedback in 2 days on how you feel.


USD 110 or INR 4000.

PayPal is accepted.

Questions and Answers on the Personal Energy Clearing service

Confidentiality Policy

I maintain strict confidentiality. All the client's files, photographs, records (if any) are kept safe and secure until they are required. The same will be deleted after the need for them is over. I do not sell or share your information with anyone else.


All the services offered by the healer do not replace medical treatment but compliment the receiver’s journey to better health.

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