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Psychic Reading

This service is provided by Yulia Pal.

Psychic Reading and Analysis

A psychic reading helps us to analyze possible ways of development of a situation.

During a psychic reading session, I connect to the Universal Mind to receive information. 

We all have our spiritual support teams. They are always ready to help us with wise advice - if we ask them for help. They will not interfere with our choices because of the Law of Free Will. The Soul wants the Personality to make its own choices in order to learn and grow spiritually. The reading will be just recommendations, there will be no 'shoulds'.

Examples of Topics for a Psychic Reading Session

- "What is the best choice/option available to me now (out of the list of options)?"

- Psychic analysis of available options when choosing a career path, changing careers, jobs, etc.

- "What is the status of my current relationship and the best choices available to me now?"

The Tarot Session

A psychic reading can also be done with the help of the Tarot. I practice intuitive Tarot reading (my own system). Please inform me in advance so that I will bring the Tarot to the session.


INR 2000 (a 60 min. session).

No limit for questions during a 1-hour session.

Format of the Session

The session is conducted in-person.

Long-distance reading (via email) is possible. For a long-distance reading, the querent's photograph and personal details are required.

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