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Pranatherapy - Level 2


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Pranatherapy - Level 2

Psychic Skills Development through Healing - Level 2 and

Color Energy Healing, Advance Techniques of Mental Healing, and Spiritual Healing

Yulia Pal

Facilitator - Yulia Pal.

This workshop is based on Yulia's more than 18 years of bio-energy and spiritual healing experience.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice healing techniques that will help you greatly improve your healing skills. You will be able to heal faster and more effectively.

We will introduce healing with color pranas.

We will continue to work on sensing energies and on developing your psychic skills. You will be amazed at your psychic abilities!

We will practice the Universal Aura Balancing Technique which is a standard protocol for most of the conditions.

We will do some Sanctuary work, and you will travel to the Ultra-Height to meet your spiritual guides. 

The students will receive the attunement for Pranatherapy Level 2. 

Pranatherapy Level 2


Day 1

  • Introduction to the Energy Mind.
  • Universal healing color energies.
  • Properties of healing color energies.
  • Projection of color pranas.
  • Sensing color pranas (exercises).
  • Meditation to sensitize yourself to colors.
  • Applications of color pranas.
  • The Energy Facial - procedure and practice.
  • Advanced energy scanning techniques.
  • Chakras of the internal organs.
  • Advanced organ healing techniques.
  • Improvisation with color pranas.
  • Relationship scanning / Colour Test for relationships.
  • Psychic photo reading - practice.
  • Healing practice.

Day 2

  • Meeting your Spirit Guides (through the Ultra-Height Meditation).
  • The Rays of the Cosmic (Soul) Healing Energy and their properties.
  • Projecting Divine Healing Energies - a practice.
  • Spiritual Healing practice.
  • Pendulum work.
  • The short technique for entity removal/entity clearing.
  • The Universal Aura Balancing Technique.
  • Introduction to the Inner Sanctuary.
  • Psychic diagnosis in the Sanctuary.
  • Healing installations in the Sanctuary.
  • Group Healing with Divine Healing Energy

Additional techniques, if time permits:

  • Express energy diagnosis and healing in public places (without attracting attention).

Recommended as a master class for practitioners of various types of energy healing.

Workshop materials: you will receive a 30+-page Pranatherapy - Level 2 Workbook.

Price: Rs. 12,000.

Review: 50% of the listed price.

Duration: 2 days, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Minimum participants: 4.

The center will also provide a vegetarian lunch, tea with refreshments, and drinking water.


On successful completion, you will receive a certificate of participation issued by Karuna Wellness - Centre for Self Development.

 A certificate of Karuna Wellness - Centre for Self-Development

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