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Pranatherapy - Level 3

Pranatherapy - Level 3

Psychic Skills Development through Healing - Level 3 

Energy Healing Help in Psychological Conditions

The approaches to Entity Removal

Pranatherapy Level 3 is energy healing applied to complement the medical treatment of psychological disorders. You will learn the basics of working with Energy Cords, Emotional Energies, Non-material Parasites, and Other Psychic Phenomena.

Pranatherapy Level 3 is very effective in psychosomatic and neurotic disorders such as:

  • Tension, stress, irritability
  • Grief, sadness
  • Non-clinical depression
  • Emotional traumas
  • Fears and worries
  • Unwholesome habits

Yulia Pal

Trainer - Yulia Pal.

The students will receive the attunement for Pranatherapy Level 3. 


Pranatherapy Level 3

  • Healing Energies we use in PT3.
  • Methods of energy diagnostics
  • What affects/contaminates our subtle bodies?
  • Proper utilization of negativities
  • The psychological functions of the major chakras
  • How to cleanse the chakra
  • The Golden Web, the protective membrane of the chakra
  • How to repair the protective membranes
  • Protective shields
  • Pranatherapy protocol for clearing and harmonizing the aura
  • Energy cords: classification, scanning, and removal techniques
  • Levels of attachment, scanning, and meaning
  • Dowsing protocol and tables for negative cords and attachments (optional)
  • Relationships scanning and healing
  • Energy help in depression, fears, and emotional traumas
  • Negative psychological shields
  • Soul Fragmentation healing work
  • Recommendations for the healer: cleansing and protection
  • Approaches to psychological self-healing
  • Simplified classification of non-material parazites
  • Larvae, dark entities, human spirits
  • 3 techniques for entity removal
  • Healing by drawing.
  • Psychic protection by the drawing technique.
  • Determining the Soul Profile (of the patient). Why it is important.

This workshop is recommended as a master class for the practitioners of various systems of energy healing.

Workshop materials: you will receive a 70-page Psychic Healing Level 3 Workbook.

Price: Rs. 12,000.

Review: 50% of the listed price.

Duration: 2 days, 9:30 to 5:30.

Minimum participants: 4.

The center will also provide lunch, tea with refreshments, and drinking water.

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On successful completion, you will receive a certificate of participation issued by Karuna Wellness - Centre for Self Development.

 A certificate of Karuna Wellness - Centre for Self-Development

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