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Energy Self-Defense

Facilitated by Yulia Pal


This practical workshop is based on Yulia's more than 16 years of experience of energy work, teaching and interaction with the 'magical people' of Russia.

The knowledge is universal and is not tied to any particular religious beliefs or practices.

The objectives of the workshop: To understand what is a psychic attack, types of psychic attacks and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from negativity in a variety of situations; to develop more sensitivity to subtle energies and to their effect on our energy field.

In the program

  • The energy anatomy of the human being
  • The Law of Free Will
  • What can affect our subtle bodies
  • Types of unintentional psychic attacks
  • Types of intentional psychic attacks
  • The mechanism of physic attacks
  • Potential sources of contamination by negative energy
  • Dark entities - what we are dealing with? Classification.
  • Symptoms of a psychic attack
  • Human vampires - types and how to deal with them
  • Techniques of strengthening, closing the aura and grounding - practice with scanning
  • Strengthening the aura through visualisation, aura shielding
  • Different shields - practice with scanning and testing
  • Redirection techniques - practice
  • Crystals in psychic self-defense - clearing, charging, programming and consecrating
  • Making a talisman - practice
  • Protection through invocation - practice
  • How to clear space.
  • Protecting against bad dreams
  • Protection through the Law of Karma
  • Karmic consequences of practising dark arts
  • Relationship healing and forgiveness technique - practice
  • Corrective measures post psychic attack general and for energy healers
  • Blessing meditation
  • Sealing Light meditation
  • The Light of Protection meditation
  • Creating Peace of Earth meditation

Workshop materials: via email.

Certification: you will receive a certificate of participation issued by Karuna Wellness - Centre for Self Development.

Minimum requirements: Level 1 of Psychic Healing / Master Healing with Prana / Prana Chikitsa (or any other bio-energy healing system where scanning is taught). Optimal - Level 3 (Energy healing applied for psychological conditions).

Fee: As announced.

Duration: 2 days, 9:30 to 5:30.

Minimum participants: 6.

What to bring: a notebook and a pen, few crystals for practice (from your personal collection) and a template for making a talisman.

The centre will also provide a veg lunch, tea-break with refreshments, and drinking water.


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Room 7, 8
Arya Samaj Mandir
Greater Kailash-2
New Delhi


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