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Crystal Friends


(A practical training)

Start using your collection of crystals for healing and other purposes!

Learn how to 

  • Tune to your crystals and gemstones to understand their powers.
  • Prepare your crystals for work.
  • Use crystals for energy healing and 'stone magic' work.
  • Program your crystals.
  • Do "Laying On" Healing.
  • Pendulum divination.
  • Crystal meditations and more...

This workshop will teach you how to connect to the mineral kingdom, how to evoke the powers of crystals in your life.

Trainer: Yulia Pal, a crystal healing practitioner since 1997.

Duration: two days, 16 hours.

Open for all.

What to bring with you: your own collection of crystals, a crystal pendulum for practice, a cotton napkin to keep your crystals on.

Handout material: Illustrated e-notes on 30 pages.

Fee: Rs. 10,000. Introductory offer - Rs. 8,000 for a limited time.

Certification: you will receive a certificate of participation issued by Karuna Wellness - Centre for Self Development.

In the program

  • How to choose “your” crystal?
  • Get to know your crystal
  • Crystals that are good for healing.
  • Essential properties of crystals
  • Crystal processing techniques (practice)
    • Cleansing
    • Clearing
    • Charging
    • Activating
    • Dedicating or programming
    • Consecration
  • Charging your stone with stardust (meditation)
  • Laser crystals and wands
  • How to use laser crystals and wands for aura clearing.
  • Energy Facial with Crystals
  • Methods of programming your crystal (practice)
  • How to create a protective pendant for yourself
  • Strengthening the aura and grounding by using crystals
  • Programming crystals for protection
  • Properties of colors and color crystals
  • Laying on of stones - Creating crystal grid
    • Other uses of crystals:
  • Magic pouches
  • Healing Stones
  • Crystal pendulums. How to work with a pendulum.
  • Family grid work.
  • Other grids.
  • How to unfold the essence of the stone (a Sanctuary approach)
  • Etheric Crystals and how to use them.
  • General handling precautions for crystals.
  • Crystal Water Fall meditation.

 Crystal Friends

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Room 7, 8
Arya Samaj Mandir
Greater Kailash-2
New Delhi


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